Large and full length wall mirrors are some of the most essential pieces of decorating a home since they do a task that other mirrors may not do. They have multiple uses.

For instance, you can use them to create an illusion of a larger space, they are reliable in improving lighting in a dark room, they offer emphasis on objects with three dimensions, and they add a decorative flare to an existing design of a space.

large wall mirror

They come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Large mirrors are also available in many sizes and shapes. You can always find one that will be perfect for you to add décor to your space.

Ensure that you always think about the intended role of the mirror. For instance, if you are intending to use the mirror for grooming or dressing, then consider to mount a leaning mirror or a rectangular mirror on the wall. Ensure that the mirror coordinates and blends well with the furniture items in the space and the overall décor.

Since you will be using the mirror for a practical role, then you need to ensure that there is adequate space to move around when you are in front of it.


They Brighten Dark Spaces

If your goal is using the large mirror to reflect light and brighten a dark space, then try installing it across a source of light such as a window.

This will assist in reflecting natural light entering the room through the window. You can also use the mirror to reflect artificial light fixtures to add light into a room.


They Emphasize Objects

Large mirrors are also effective in emphasizing some a dimensional object in a room. You can draw the eye to a hidden side of an object by placing the mirror in a way that will reflect the hidden side of the object.

To accent an object or add space, place the mirror against the wall and away from traffic. This will ensure that the mirror will match and blend with the design rather than becoming the only focal point. It will remain part of the entire décor while doing the role it is intended to.


Maintaining your Mirror

Mirrors are made of glass and they require regular cleaning to remain shiny and elegant. You can use a glass cleaner and a newspaper to clean it and give it a shiny look.

You can also try vinegar instead of glass cleansers for a more eco-friendly cleaning exercise. Always use a damp and soft cloth when cleaning your mirror such as a micro fiber cloth with warm water to wipe the surface.

Shopping for a large mirror can be a simple and fun process. It will add more décor to your home. If you plan carefully and stick to your budge, you will enjoy the aesthetic appeal and functionality of installing a large wall mirror in your space.