It is common knowledge that mirrors make a room appear visually larger. With our vast experience in supplying and installing mirrors in Sydney, we have prepared some tips on how to decorate your home using mirrors. Read on for these tips.


Mirrors as a Decorative Window

Similarly to how windows work, mirrors enhance depth and lighting in a room. Hence, you can use a mirror as a decorative window. You can simply install it anywhere around your room as you wish.

Remember that mirrors come with the ability to accentuate and reflect views and hues from neighboring items and walls, thereby creating a striking effect.


Using Mirrors as a Focal Point

Mirrors can become attractive focal points in any room. You don’t really have to use a large wall mirror. You can still use a smaller mirror with a bold frame to make it a focal point in a room.


Enlarging a Space Using Mirrors

Interior designers often install mirrors in smaller rooms to expand them visually. All you need to do is to ensure that the mirror reflects great views.

Mirrors not only enlarge spaces, but they also enlighten them, thereby acting as an extra source of light.


Mirrors as Statement Objects

Using large mirrors on the floor makes it possible to make a strong statement in narrow rooms, thereby creating a dramatic and attractive effect which may not be accomplished using other décor techniques.


Mirrors as Objects of Art

You’ll be amazed to realize that a mirror can be used as a full-fledged object of art. Simply try out different styles. You can even hang multiple mirrors on any wall.

Ensure you use proportional mirrors when placing them alongside each other. Avoid using multiple small mirrors when decorating a large wall.


Mirrors as Elements of Décor

Mirrors are very versatile objects. You can actually use them in whichever room you desire. Designers prefer installing them along entryways.

A dining room and entryways and other parts of a home that do not have enough access to natural lighting are perfect areas to install mirrors.

If you complement them with lighting, artistic objects and candles, they create a unique ambiance.


Garden View in a Mirror

You can easily bring your outdoor to the indoor by placing a big floor mirror directly opposite glass doors or windows leading to your garden.


Mirrors for a Romantic Atmosphere

Almost all women dream of having full-length mirrors for dressing in their bedroom. They not only assist you in inspecting yourself when dressing up, but also generate a magical and romantic atmosphere.


Mirrors in the Dining Room

One of the best places to place mirrors is the dining room, especially when it has a classy design.