It is time that people stopped treating mirrors in a traditional manner. Bathrooms are more than a place for taking a bath or washing. They are also a personal space in which you can relax, pamper yourself, and recharge.

Hence, lighting is a vital aspect when changing the look of a bathroom especially where a mirror is reserved for functions such as applying some makeup or shaving.


frameless bathroom mirror with LED lights


Since bathrooms are limited in terms of positioning and sizes, installing a mirror that has inbuilt lights will be the most practical solution to brighten the space. The lights are a better option than the regular vertical and ceiling lighting fixtures used in the bathroom.


Types of Mirrors with Inbuilt Lights

Manufacturers who deal with mirrors offer a wide variety of mirrors with inbuilt lights for use in a bathroom. They are also available in different styles and designs.

You can also choose from different finishes, sizes, and colors. The ones with lights are classified as illuminated mirrors that have a shaver socket, illuminated cabinet mirrors, and LED mirrors.

The first two types offer more versatility since they offer extra storage space to avoid any clutter in the bathroom.

The LED one is more popular among many homeowners who prefer illuminated mirrors for their bathroom since it is energy efficient and economical.

These mirrors also differ in terms of the positioning of the lights. For instance, some of the mirrors come with light fixtures that are fitted on them while others have inbuilt lighting systems surrounding the frame.

Some illuminated mirrors come with a magnifying feature such that you can adjust the lighting for optimum view. These mirrors also have contemporary and traditional designs such that you can always find the ideal one for your bathroom.


round illuminated bathroom wall mirror


What Makes These Mirrors So Popular For Bathrooms?

These mirrors are more popular than regular ones since they offer a clearer reflection due to their enhanced lighting.

They are not just popular due to their enhanced functionality, but their aesthetic appeal and style enhances the dull look of a regular bathroom to make it brighter.

Chances are you have experienced the challenges associated with inadequate lighting in a bathroom such as difficulties while shaving or ruining your makeup.

Illuminated ones are more functional for they distribute more light evenly on your face such that you can work on yourself easily.

These mirrors also come with some special pads for preventing the glass surface to resist steam. Thus, it does not become cloudy.


How to Choose These Mirrors

When choosing a bathroom mirror with lighting fixtures, ensure it matches with the existing d├ęcor and theme of your bathroom.

Always consider the light intensity of these mirrors when you opt to install them. For instance, extremely bright and flashy lights may not be ideal for your eyes.

You can choose the one with a knob for adjusting the brightness of the light as needed. You should also consider whether you want a neutral, cool, or warm light.

With these tips in mind, it will be easier to choose these mirrors to brighten up your bathroom. For more details, visit