Glass Scratch & Graffiti Removals in Sydney

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Cleaning graffiti is not a simple job. One has to make sure that the graffiti is reduced without damaging the surface at all. Majestic Glass is the industry leader in professional graffiti repairs and removals in Sydney. We serve government and business organizations.

We successfully attend to tons of graffiti and glass scratch repairs each month. Our company has developed its systems over the past two decades to ensure high quality standards are delivered while meeting the challenging requirements of all clients.

We understand that shop window panes and shop front glass are very vulnerable to scratches, graffiti damage, chemical damage from cleaners or stone chips, so we offer a solution for all.

We can make our clients realize that replacing glass is not always necessary in such cases. We can polish the glass in the most cost effective manner. Our team would ensure that the glass looks as good as new.

Before suggesting the glass polishing option, our experts would always remember key factors like the risk of breakage, potential for distortion and the integrity of the glass strength.

We put your benefit over all other things which makes Majestic Glass the right contractor for your scratch or graffiti damaged glass needs.


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What We Can Fix

We can remove the Graffiti, Stains and Scratches usually found on:

  • Office Windows

  • Shop Windows

  • Displays

  • Glass Doors

  • Glass Table Tops

  • Windows of a House

  • Laminated, Plate and Toughened Glass

Don’t have to worry again about the glass replacement costs. We can make your glass shiny again at a fraction of the glass replacement cost

Saving your time and money is our core objective. We have helped people and companies save thousands of dollars on large projects in the past.

The Outcome

When you hire us, we will use only the state of the art equipment to ensure that you are happy with the outstanding glass repair results.

Quality Guaranteed

We are so sure that we will deliver quality results that we offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all our clients.

Our Strengths

Save Money

  • Our services will allow you to save manufacturing, fabrication and distribution expenses
  • The costs associated with replacing and reinstalling glass are saved. The costs associated with the down time related to replacing the glass are also removed.
  • The time and labour costs are far cheaper than the glass replacement tasks.


  • Our services are perfect for almost all types of glass.
  • Our equipment is portable and just requires a power source


  • Our team can competently repair heavily damaged glass.
  • The re-circulating system developed by us ensures that the polishing is cleaner and faster as compared to the conventional open-face systems
  • Our competent work would remove any need to replace the old glass or reorder a new one.


Result Oriented

  • We are renowned for delivering consistent and cleanest results.
  • The mess and distortion would be minimal as compared to a conventional open-face system

The Process

Glass scratching is so common that people expect it to happen sooner than later. Our approach to removing the scratches is so simple that we guarantee the repair of badly damaged surfaces too.

Our team uses the tried and tested method of using hog systems to remove the scratches. We fully understand and accept that when you need to remove a scratch, you must get down to the bottom of it by removing some glass.

It will help you to get the original clarity of the glass. We use only the top quality wet and dry hog systems and other latest methods to ensure that the glass looks as good as new.

We can ensure that the bad looking and the deepest glass damage are successfully removed so that you don’t need to buy a new glass after we are done with the job. Your old glass would always be as good as new.

Using the Wet Scratch Hog

Using a wet scratch hog is one of our most trusted approaches to make your glass as good as new. It uses a string of superior abrasive sanding discs that are created with the help of a patented micro-replication method.

This advanced technology forms the discs by applying infinitesimal 3-D structures in a consistent pyramid pattern to a particular backing material. Then every disc is graded by colour codes and micron size so that a user can choose the perfect one on the basis of the intensity of the scratch.

The hog pumps the distilled water via a handy reservoir and a Center Water Feed Machine that is industrial grade. The water plays the dual role of activating the discs and keeping the glass at a stable temperature. This method would never crack the glass by making it too hot like other cheap solutions.

Adding enough water via the centre of the glass cutting disc would do the following:

  • The water would activate the cutting properties of the patented discs.
  • The water would flush the ground glass and expose fresh layers so that the work surface remains clean and clear.
  • Enough spraying of water would ensure that the temperature is controlled at a steady pace.

When we use this method, the results are distortion free repairs. We also use only the best quality polishing materials so that the shine as well as clarity of every glass could be maintained and the hard water stains on glass can be removed.

Using the Dry Scratch Hog

In contrast to the wet scratch hog, the dry scratch hog uses a series of substrate restoration discs that are deft at removing damage from large surfaces. This is the latest method where every disc uses an easily changeable hook-and-loop backing that helps the technician to be more efficient while using new materials.

Every disc is also graded by grit size. The discs are mild to very aggressive too so a technician has a choice to select a disc on the basis of the intensity of the scratch. The dry scratch hog also has a micro filter dust collection system that can be attached to an industrial grade polisher.

The particulate extraction is vital as it helps keeps the dust particles away from the air. The Dry Scratch Hog is the first choice of our glass damage removal experts as it removes damage from all the large scale applications. A prime example of the large scale applications is extensive property damage.

The Benefits of Dry Scratch Hog

  • Dry restoration discs used in this method work in a variety of aggressions which is way better than any other glass scratch removal process available in the modern times
  • The micro filter dust collection system ensures that no dust is in the air as it may harm the health and well being of the technician. It is also in line with OSHA regulated areas of operation.
  • This method can be used for any size of damage, it can be one glass or thousands of windows.
  • The tools, components and polishing materials are of highest possible quality.

A Combination of dry scratch hog and the wet scratch hog is unmatched as it ensures that the glass is restored perfectly. The team of Majestic Glass always uses this marvellous combo.

Markets We Serve

Construction Sites

If the residential and commercial glass you ordered for the new construction has been damaged during the delivery or installation process, you can trust Majestic Glass to fix it in the least possible time so that you can complete the project on time.

Commercial Glass

Is glass graffiti ruining the look of your commercial space or hard water stains and mineral deposits on glass making you feel bad? Call us and Majestic Glass would make every glass surface in your office or commercial space as good as new without making use of any harsh chemicals.

Marine Industry

Our glass experts are skilled at removing saltwater stains from glass in a jiffy because we understand that glass installed in yachts can be extremely expensive.


If you are a producer of glass and you have some damaged glass we can fix it for you and save you tons of money.


Glass distributors who have received or shipped damaged glass to the customer can get out of the sticky situation by relying on Majestic Glass. We make sure that every glass is restored back to its earlier beauty in a short while.

Let Us Help You Fix Your Scratched or Graffiti Damaged Glass.

Same Day Response. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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