Adding a mirror on your wall is a good way of adding décor in your house, but this often overlooked. Whether it is used as an accent, background piece or focal point, a wall mirror is suitable for any room in a home. It can bring light, conversation, and intrigue in a space.


Modern Wall Mirrors


Try Different Shapes

Although there is no specific place to use a mirror, a place that comes to mind immediately is using it in the bathroom.

Rather than using the traditional rectangular mirror for your wall, you can try an oval or circular mirror for a more modern look. Such shapes will serve as functional and decorative pieces in your vanity.


Try a Frameless Mirror

You can try a frameless mirror for your wall, and you can choose one with a beveled glass edge to create a modern visual interest. It will also feel lighter than traditional framed mirrors.

This is especially important if you have a small bathroom. Flanking the mirror using some wall sconces is a nice way of casting even light across the bathroom and it will prevent shadows when you are getting ready.


Install a Mirror on the Entryway

Having a wall mirror installed on your foyer or entryway will be a stunning piece of decoration. In most cases, entryways are small spaces and installing a mirror on the wall will open up the space and make it appear large. The mirror will also reflect light from a nearby door to make a bigger statement.

When choosing a mirror for an entryway, select one that can symbolize your house. For instance, you can choose mirrors with elaborate frames which look like pieces of art.

Such mirrors can make a great impact and greet your family and guests with a welcoming and personal style. You can even install the mirror on your wall over a console table to enhance the look of the table.


Try a Mirror on Your Dining Room

Another modern way of using a mirror is hanging it on the dining room wall. Generally, the mirror will make your dining room feel less cramped and have a sense of accommodating more people.

By strategically placing a long mirror horizontally across another mirror or a window, your dining space will appear more inviting and open.

You can add some buffet-style lamps alongside the mirror to make the lighting and mirror work in unison to expand the room.

Hence, whether your wall mirror is frameless, has a personal style, or comes with an intriguing frame, it will surely add more décor to your house and make it brighter.

When deciding the exact location to hang it, remember that you will not be the only one looking at it. Consider the surroundings such that it can reflect and show off a certain part of the room.

Accomplish function and aesthetic all at once by showing off your pictures or wall decorations in the mirror reflections. Having such functional mirrors will double the fun of being at home.