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Installing glass balustrades, especially a frameless installation, will allow for uninterrupted views. They’re available in custom measurements and your preferred handrail and fixing method.

The presence of toughened glass in a thickness of 10 or 12 mm will make your property much safer and more secure while allowing natural light into the space.

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We Handle Complex Balustrade Designs

Designing glass balustrades is quite complex. Thus, it’s important to hire experienced balustrading technicians from Majestic Glass for the job. Our technicians will visit your property to discuss the best options.

A disproportionate or mismatched balustrade with poorly aligned and inconsistent geometry panels would be extremely frustrating. Be wary of inexperienced contractors who will leave you with a cheap-looking balustrade. You’ll be frustrated to live with such a balustrade daily.

Majestic Glass specializes in fixing glass balustrades using different fixing methods. We use hardware that is tested and approved based on Australian standards.

Additionally, there’s a wide range of handrails available to improve the structural integrity and appearance of a balustrade installation. It’s a requirement to use handrails when installing balustrades with a single-layer toughened glass panel where a fall exceeds one meter.

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Glass Balustrading Install & Design

Improve the look of your beloved home and maximize the great feeling of living in a space with sleek glass balustrades. Whether you need internal or external glass balustrades, we can assist you to enjoy uninterrupted views or to make your balcony look like a feature rather than a fortress.

Majestic Glass offers a wide range of glass balustrades for both semi-framed and frameless varieties. Our professional technicians can assist you to choose the best glass balustrades for your needs. We can organize for the installation of balustrades in your business premise or home.

We also offer unique designs and concepts to improve on your ideas and preferences from the conception stage to installation.

Domestic and Commercial Solutions

It’s important to adhere to all Australian standards at all stages of a balustrading project. As a result, we only use superior quality fittings and fixings and top-grade safety glass in all standard and custom balustrade installations. Besides we can tailor the balustrades according to your specific requirements.

Our technicians will measure and install glass balustrades accordingly. Besides, they have the much-needed expertise to match your business premise or home with the best balustrade for a perfect and modern finish.

At Majestic Glass, we offer both designer and budget semi-framed and frameless glass balustrades according to your preferences. Contact our professional and friendly consultants any time via 1800 452 946 or online and request for a free estimate. We offer a price beat guarantee on our glass balustrade Sydney services

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