Glass Manufacturers and Glass Suppliers Sydney

Majestic Glass specialises in manufacturing and supplying glass products in Sydney. We’re a highly experienced and professional glass company. We cut custom glass and offer all glass types straight from our factory. Our glaziers are committed to their work when manufacturing any glass products regardless of the size of the project.

As a leading commercial and residential glass supplier Sydney company, we’ve been offering glass services for over 25 years now. We continue delivering quality products to ensure that our clients get the glass design they need for their property. Our top priority is offering top quality glass products to all our customers. We’ve made this possible by using advanced machinery and products.

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Majestic Glass is your ultimate choice for all commercial and residential glass supply services. At Majestic Glass, we process and manufacture top quality glass for commercial and residential builders and developers. We also offer glass products for homeowners. If you’re planning to do a glass project, we will be glad to assist.

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Glass Supply for All Purposes: Repair, Building, Renovations or Decorating

  • Wide variety of coloured and clear glass
  • Glass cut to size
  • Leadlight and stained glass door panels installation and repairs
  • On-call advice and home consultations by our friendly and professional staff
  • Free measure on glass repairs and installations throughout Sydney
  • We offer a complete glass and glazing service
  • Free quotes for all glass services
  • Warranty on products

Residential Glass

  • Glass windows
  • Mirrors, skylights, and pool fencing
  • Glass shelves and table tops
  • Custom stained glass windows or doors and stained glass repairs
  • Custom glass windows or doors using double glazed panels, slump glass, stained glass, insulated glass, or any other preferred style

Commercial Glass

  • Apartment blocks
  • Glass shelving and shop fronts
  • Custom shop front doors, shelving, and windows
  • Tabletops and mirrors for offices and hotel rooms
  • Majestic Glass can produce large quantities of glass for office blocks, large buildings, and anywhere else

Our Services

Our capabilities and product line enable us to offer a competitive and high-quality service to clients from all walks of life. Majestic Glass remains a leader in the glass industry, thanks to our advanced glass processing machinery and a detailed manufacturing process.

Custom Glass

Our company offers custom glass cut in any size to suit your unique needs. Our custom glass cutting service offers a wide selection of both custom and standard shapes. We will work with you collaboratively to make sure you get the specific glass dimensions you want.

Our machines cut glass with high precision to ensure that the final product has exact measurements. Besides, our custom glass cutting service is proved and ideal for all types of installations and construction projects.

Tempered Glass

Majestic Glass offers an unmatched glass tempering service to ensure that glass is safe and well secured. When tempering glass, we heat the glass and as it cools, its interior remains in high tension whereas the exterior compresses, thereby strengthening the glass. In case of an accident, toughened glass breaks into small pieces that are less likely to cause injury.

Digital Printing

Want an image printed on a glass surface? We can do it for you. Whether you’re designing a building facade or a top-quality splashback, we will use our innovative printer to offer unique image printing on any kind of glass.

Besides, we use a highly effective and accurate printer for perfect images on glass. That way, we can assist you to improve your branding. Also, you’ll have several options to choose from for all kinds of commercial and residential glass.


Our advanced machines can miter, bevel, and polish glass regardless of its thickness. Additionally, we offer glass with any kind of edging using reliable edging machines.

If you want practical glass edging for exposed glass railing, shower doors, or decorative glass edging for pieces of art, we can do it for you. Our glass edging service ensures that any exposed glass edges will get a professional and finished look.

Holes and Cutouts

We process a wide selection of holes and cutouts for any glass project. Our final products with cut holes allow for easier railing installations on glass shower doors.

Our machinery performs precise cuttings depending on your measurements. We also do custom cutouts for bespoke shapes on any kind of glass.


We apply almost all kinds of finishes and colours on splashbacks. Back painting a glass panel makes it look beautiful. Back painting comes with several options for enhancing the look and style of any glass project.

We do in-house glass painting with a consistent and clean finish in custom colours. Besides, we offer back painting services on glass sections or an entire glass surface depending on your preferences. By hiring us, you can rest assured that you’ll get a top-quality product in any colour you want.

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