Glass in compliance with the Australian Standards

It is common knowledge that our house’ windows aren’t exactly the best when it comes to holding in heat (or keeping it out); during the colder months, you can bet that the coldest part of an otherwise evenly-heated house will be somewhere near a window. What many folks don’t realize; however, is just how bad at holding heat windows really are.

For example, did you know that the average building’s windows account for roughly half of the building’s yearly heat loss and almost 90% of the building’s heat gain? This translates to dollars thrown out the window in added heating and air conditioning costs year-round.

The problem isn’t cracks in the window or the border around it; the culprit is often the glass itself, a culprit who can be silenced one and for all with properly glazed glass. When glass is glazed with the goal of heating/cooling-related savings in mind, over three quarters of the heat which usually passes through any given window can be stopped for good, saving money in the long term.

Majestic Glass can provide you with the glazing solutions you need for more energy efficient windows, an investment which is sure to pay for itself in any household which uses central heating or air conditioning.