There are multiple magical effects that decorative mirrors can give your home. For instance, mirrors make a space appear larger, duplicate views, and also multiply light. Depending on how you place them and their size, they can easily play a lead role or support other elements in a room.

Using appropriate decorative mirrors in a space is always memorable. They are enchantments that energize and brighten any space where you place them.

In this guide, we have outlined some of the most favorite shapes and tips for hanging mirrors in your home or office in Sydney to maximize the multiple functionalities of these magical pieces.


Vertical Rectangle Mirrors in Sydney

A vertical rectangle shape is very popular for it has a classical and versatile form. It typically resembles an artistic painting, thus don’t shy away from treating it as an art object. Give it a focal placement like above the mantel.


Vertical Mirror for Decoration Purpose


You can hang two of these mirrors opposite a glass window to increase lighting in the room. You will be amazed how this mirror will brighten up your room. You can as well use two matching vertical rectangle mirrors above your bathroom’s double sinks to enhance the style of the space.


Horizontal Rectangle Mirrors

A horizontal rectangle mirror shape is most suitable for filling any space that may be above a lengthy expanse. This is the main reason why this style has always been the most preferred choice for placing over the fireplace mantel.

It can also be hung above entryways to assist you in getting a quick check of your makeup before leaving your home or above a low sideboard. You may also use it as an alternative where taller mirrors are not suitable such as where tall ones make a ceiling feel lower. This mirror can also be used behind a bar to enhance its vibe.


Large Round Mirrors for Sydney Apartments

You can create a focal point in a room using large round mirrors. These mirrors are easy to blend in any room and they don’t require any leveling when installing them. You can choose between the one that has thin edges or a frameless one.

They are all nonchalant and cool. It can even be more dramatic and dressy when fitted in a jewel-like frame. Adding such a mirror behind your favorite desk can transform the surface to make it an attractive vanity.


Small Round Mirrors


Round Mirror for Decoration


This shape can be placed almost anywhere to give the space an instant reflective moment. For instance, you can hang one over a dull corner to brighten it up or in a small powder room.

If you have tall ceilings, utilize them and place this mirror above a painting or any other artistic object. Placing these mirrors in a clustered form over a lengthy couch is a great alternative to a gallery wall.


Sunburst Mirrors

Sunbursts have an irresistible charm that any interior designer cannot resist. They create instant happiness in any space. Sunbursts are a great accent in a powder room.

You can also use them as a punctuation mark over the console or for adding glimmer in a bedroom. A good trick is hanging one opposite a window to bring the sun into the room.


Oval Mirrors

This is a classical shape which is softer than the rectangular one and quieter than large round mirrors. However, oval mirrors are still powerful design elements. You can place it above an entryway’s console table to give it a natural look.

Placing this mirror between two living area windows gives an illusion of an extra opening by breaking up the straight lines. This shape also functions brilliantly when placed between two dining room sconces since they reflect light coming from a chandelier.


Floor Mirrors

Leaning tall mirrors against a wall in your leaving room can transform the space and energize overlooked corners. You can also place this mirror in your home office or a den to make it appear bigger. These mirrors are a great choice for home owners who have walk-in closets.


Arch Mirrors

Arch shaped mirrors have faux panes and architectural outlines. They are a great choice for adding gravitas to any room, regardless of how plain it might be.

You can take advantage of these mirrors to leave a dramatic statement in a hallway or for opening up any nook. You can use this mirror to get a view in a living area where a couch may be facing the windows.

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