Majestic Glass specialises in manufacturing and supplying custom glass skylights and roof window glazing systems in Sydney.

As a leading skylights company in Sydney, we have extensive capabilities and a wide range of energy-saving skylights.

From domestic skylight installation to large-scale construction and commercial applications, we have all the skylight solutions for your needs.

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Majestic Glass Skylights Project: Mosman


Majestic Glass Skylights Project: Woollahra

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Fixed & Openable Skylights

Majestic Glass Skylights can improve natural light in any interior space of your property without the need to do any major renovation.

Factories, commercial units, offices, and homes can all gain numerous benefits by allowing more natural light into various spaces.

Adding skylights offers numerous advantages including:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Enhanced efficiency in electricity consumption
  • Reduced likelihood of mould
  • Lower visual strain

You can enjoy all these benefits by hiring the services of a Sydney skylight specialist. Majestic Glass excels at manufacturing and installing skylights.

As a result, you’ll enjoy a simplified process of having skylights installed on your property.

Hiring separate manufacturers and installers may result in complications throughout the process and increased costs of your skylights project.

Roof Windows

Generally, Australian businesses and homes lose a lot of money annually due to energy inefficient windows. Upgrading such windows with energy-efficient 5-star roof windows will reduce heat loss.

As a result, you’ll enjoy reduced energy bills. Majestic Glass offers realistic solutions that’ll reduce your huge energy bills.

We manufacture a wide range of roof windows at our advanced facility in Sydney. Our roof windows meet and exceed Australian standards.

Our laminated roof windows reduce UV by at least 95 percent and radiant heat rejection by 76 percent. Adding our advanced roof windows will automatically enhance the energy efficiency of your building.

Majestic Glass will also make sure that the roof windows are installed in a way that they’ll deliver maximum benefits.

Also, our specialists have unmatched experience in installing all kinds of roof windows. They’ll do a better job than any other contractor in Sydney.

You can request custom features for roof windows like integrated electronic controls. You can call us for more details about such special features and other questions regarding custom roof windows.

Why Choose Us

  1. Peace of mind

You can rest easy knowing our workmanship and products are guaranteed. Our experienced installers are professional and highly skilled.

Our priority is to offer you professional advice on skylights, quality installation, and guaranteed follow-up on our installations.

  1. We’re local

Luckily for you, we know everything to do with Sydney homes. Also, we understand contemporary designs, and that’s what you’re probably looking for.

  1. Energy efficiency

Our skylights are manufactured using innovative and technologically advanced techniques. They enhance energy efficiency combined with numerous health benefits.

Besides, our skylights are designed and installed according to Australian standards. You can rest assured that our skylights will survive the harsh Australian climate.

  1. We’re experienced

At Majestic Glass, we’ve been manufacturing and installing roof windows and skylights into Sydney commercial and residential properties for more than a decade.

We can discuss your best options and recommend the most ideal daylighting solutions for your property.

  1. Expert consultations

We offer expert consultation on all skylights and roof windows. Our experts will visit your site to assess your situation and advice you on the way forward.

You can also call us or visit our Sydney office for further details regarding your upcoming skylights project.

Also, you can send us your photos or plans and get a free estimate or further guidance.

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