Are you looking for ideas to decorate a room? How about decorating the walls in your home using wall mirrors? These mirrors are increasingly becoming a preference among many home owners to beautify their living spaces.

For instance, you can choose a large mirror for your wall to add dimension and depth elements to the space and make the room look larger than its real size. Since a mirror has the ability of reflecting light, you can use it to brighten any room by installing it on a wall without installing any additional artificial lighting.

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Most homeowners desire to know the different options available when selecting the ideal type of a mirror for a wall. They are mostly interested in the aspects that come along with mirrors such as the theme, frameless design, framed (finish, material, color), style, orientation, shape, and any other extra detail that would assist them while searching for mirrors to install on their walls. At times, the ideal finishing touch for a room is installing a frameless mirror.



One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the shape of the mirror. The mirror’s shape is important especially when you have to put the theme or style of a room into consideration. You should examine the overall feel of the specific room such as draperies, furniture, lighting fixtures, and paint color before determining the shape of the mirror that will complement your room. The most common shapes of mirrors for a wall are oval, round, square, rectangle (either horizontal or long), crowned or arch top, octagon, heart, and sunburst.

Even though most mirrors for the walls are used for residential purposes, they are also available for commercial use on walls. When you buy mirrors online in Australia, make sure you check out these extra features such as beveled frame or glass, fog free, hooked, eco-friendly, tilt, lighted, and magnifying mirrors. The size of these mirrors will surely vary, and you can get them as either large or small and any size between them.

It is not very challenging to select the ideal mirror for a wall. All you need to know is the options available. If you have the room’s theme in mind, then it will be easier to add some artful reflection depending on your personal preference.

Check out these practical tips on creating an extraordinary look on your walls using ordinary mirrors:

  • Make use of many small mirrors to come up with some decorative patterns across the wall. You should focus these mirrors on a light source to make the room brighter. After some time, you can change the existing pattern to a new one to give the room a different appeal.
  • You can make use of a large mirror to reflect plants and furniture in your room. You can place it at an angle that will make the room appear bigger.
  • Try experimenting with different shapes of mirrors to add some extra styles to the room. For instance, mirrors with sandblasted surfaces can enhance the appeal of the whole wall multifold.
  • You may also try custom styles if you have a specific theme in mind for decorating your wall with a mirror. Custom styles will give you the chance to give your wall whichever style you want.
  • You may also combine the look and functionality of the mirrors by using furniture such as storage cabinets with full mirror doors. If they have ornate frames, then they will give a bold and rich statement.
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