Switchable Privacy Glass in Sydney

It’s great to achieve privacy around a desired space by the touch of a simple switch. Majestic Glass offers a versatile glass solution with a switchable privacy feature.

You can use the glass for applications such as doors, windows, security and teller screens, roof lights, or a projection screen.

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The switchable glass will give you enhanced flexibility by adding privacy without requiring bulky items like shutters, curtains, or blinds. You can switch between transparent and translucent modes with just a flick of the switch.

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Our research and development team has combined the best technologies and materials to design and create this elegant yet simple product that interior designers and architects have recognized.

Our team also continues to develop innovative laminated glass systems in our modern facility located in Sydney. The continuous development of newer products puts us ahead of our competitors in manufacturing switchable laminated privacy glass.

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Applications of Switchable Glass

  • Commercial and Residential

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Office Partitions

  • Bathroom Privacy Screens

  • Skylights

  • Viewing Areas

  • High Radiation Zones

  • Room Partitions

  • Doors & Windows

  • HD Projection Screens

Features and Benefits of Smart Glass

  • Blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays

  • Ideal for installation as a HD projection screen

  • Offers high transparency and maintains low angle haze

  • Offers a high level of acoustic performance

  • Can be used alongside energy-efficient and solar protection glass depending on specific requirements

  • Offers privacy without relying on bulky shutters, curtains, or blinds


  • Minimum- 200mm by 300mm
  • Maximum- 1800mm by 5000mm


  • Glass options: Toned, clear, obscure, low-iron
  • Interlayer options
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