How to Conserve Energy and Money with Efficient Window Glazing

Windows are the main area from where heat is lost. In case you desire to make savings on your utility bills or keep your home quieter and warmer, or decrease your carbon footprint, then you should consider replacing your old windows with energy efficient window units or glazing. Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

How to Protect Your Home from Weather by Fixing Glazing Putty in Your Windows

In case your glass windows are rattling when opening or closing them, it’s a sign that they’re leaking. You should check them closely from the outside. Don’t be surprised if you happen to see missing or cracked glazing putty. In case your windows are single-paned windows, then you should replace putty. Weather proofing windows is

What Glazing Options Do You Have For Your Sash Windows?

Repairing or renovating sliding mechanisms and wooden frames in traditional windows gives them extra years of trouble-free and attractive life. And what about glass panes? Should you replace or keep older glass panes? What would you do if the glass panes are damaged? In case your glass windows are cracked, this should be taken as

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