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Majestic Glass manufactures unique glass table tops for residential as well as commercial purposes including office desks, dining tables, bedside tables, reception tables etc. We temper, polish, bevel and custom cut the glass to suit your needs.

You select the type of glass and we ensure you get the perfect customized table top. In addition to this, we will deliver the new table top to your office or home. Each one of our glass table tops is custom manufactured and every glass top is cut to specification.

Contact us if you need a glass top table cover or a glass table top replacement. Call us for further information if you would like a member of our glazing team to cut a glass top that you have designed.


Glass is Often Used to Create an Actual Table Surface

Modern glass table tops are stylish and the new glass top can be cut to suit your needs. If the entire table top is made from glass, then for safety reasons, the glass must be tempered. A glass table surface should be at least 10mm thick and have bevelled or flat polished edges.

Factors to Consider When Placing a Glass Top on a Base or Legs:

  • Recommended glass strength: Use tempered glass to provide added strength and safety
  • Recommended glass thickness: Thin glass should not be used to form table tops. Choose 10mm or 12mm glass
  • Recommended Edge: Every home owner wants unique glass furniture. Choose an elegant glass table top with a bevelled polish, a pencil polish or a flat polish edge

A glass table top made to sit directly on top of a piece of furniture does not have to be made to measure, therefore glass table tops can be ordered online.

Wrapped or Embedded Glass Tops

This type of table top usually slots into a metal frame, therefore the glass must be cut to size. Bring the table into our workshop if you need a replacement. We will measure the table top and cut the glass to fit.

Majestic Glaziers do not recommend you replace a cracked patio table top because the glass must be measured accurately to ensure a good fit.

Why Choose Glass Table Tops?

  • Glass tops are ideal for plant stands, night stands and tables
  • Glass is an attractive material and a glass top will give new life to an old or favourite piece of furniture
  • Place a glass top on a wooden table or a dresser to protect the wood from scuffs, scratches, glass rings and sun damage
  • Lay a new top on older furnishings rather than stain or paint
  • Use glass to safeguard furniture from damage and chips

Uses for Glass Table Tops

A glass table top is used for a number of reasons, however, many lay glass on top of coffee tables, desks and small tables to protect the surface. Thin glass, for example, 6mm thick, is most often used to cover a wood surface.

In general, when glass is used to cover a wooden surface it doesn’t need to be tempered. It can be safety laminated. We will smooth and polish the edges of the glass to make it completely safe to use.

Factors to Consider When Placing Glass Directly on Top of Furniture:

  • The piece of furniture should be strong enough to take the weight of the glass
  • Majestic Glass recommend the glass should be 6mm – 8mm, or 10mm – 12mm thick
  • Glass Strength: A tempered glass top is ideal if young children live in the house, although annealed glass is often used to protect tables
  • Recommended Edge: A bevelled polish or a pencil polish creates a striking effect; however, many choose a flat polish edge