Mirrors boast of having multiple benefits. Their ability to reflect light makes them useful in decorating a home. They transform the appearance of the room in which they are installed into a new look.

Mirrors are available in a wide range of colors, styles, sizes and shapes. With respect to the shape, rectangular ones are more traditional, but round mirrors are increasingly becoming popular among modern homeowners.

You can always find an ideal mirror that’ll fit perfectly in the existing décor of your home. Here is a guide on using round shaped mirrors effectively.


round mirror with wooden frame

Image Source: potterybarn.com


Creating Space

These mirrors are able to enlarge the overall appearance of any room. You should position the mirror over the most significant items in a room such as the dressing table, fireplace, sofa, or the headboard.

This will focus attention on the main features in the room and also reflect the wall that is directly opposite the mirror to create an illusion of a bigger space.

These mirrors are the most suitable type if you want to install a single mirror in the room. This is because most items in the room such as furniture are rectangular.

Hence, a round shaped mirror will automatically create visual variety in the room. If you want to increase space in the room, then you should use multiple mirrors.

However, when using multiple mirrors, use smaller ones and avoid using them excessively as you wouldn’t want them to overpower the room.


Increasing Light

These mirrors are also efficient in adding light to dull corners of a room. Basically, a mirror reflects light and projects it into the space.

Position the mirror in front of a light source so that it can reflect maximum light. For instance, you can hang it opposite a window, the doorway, or a lamp.

Mirrors with a round shape are ideal in creating the impression of a source of light and this creates more visual variety in the space.


Enhancing Furniture

You can use these mirrors to enhance the appearance of your furniture. Adding a mirror at the front to your wardrobe or at the top of the dressing table will add light in the room and brighten your furniture.

You can also mount a small mirror at the side of a cabinet or a bookcase to enhance the furniture. This will make the room brighter and illuminate the furniture.


Creating an Attractive Focal Point

A mirror with an ornate type of frame can create a point of focus in a room. You will only need to use one mirror to create the focal point.

Simply mount the mirror on a wall just like you would mount pictures and paintings. These mirrors have smooth and curved edges that assist in focusing on a certain area of a room without overpowering the existing decorations.

You can even use a combination of small round shaped mirrors with a rectangular one to get a symmetrical and unique focal point in the room.

Another popular style of mirrors with a round shape is the sunburst mirror. These mirrors add an elegant and artistic décor to any room.

They generate a unique and decorative flair the room and they can be used on any wall. Sunburst mirrors are also ideal for brightening a rather dull living space by adding light.

They are often more decorative than functional since they are small in size but with a gorgeous and striking frame. Hence, sunburst ones are suitable when your main interest is creating a focal point in your room so as to increase space and light.