Your home is a showpiece for displaying your values and personal tastes. Every part of a home makes a certain statement and it reflects the homeowner’s way of life.

You can easily showcase your lifestyle using wall mirrors with wrought iron, tin, metal, or reclaimed wood frames.

They all come with their own unique features such that they can all add beauty and charm to any space in your house. Mirrors also add a distinctive and notable element that offers respect to a living space.


unique wall mirror designs


Wrought Iron Framed Mirrors

Mirrors with wrought iron frames have an appeal of the old world such that they make a living room or any other room to look better. You can even install it over a fireplace mantel for an enhanced ancient world look.

Wrought iron has a solid structure that brings out a feeling of sophistication. You can have the metal frame customized the way you want.

For instance, it can include animal shapes such as birds or have abstract or modern designs. Rustic or antique frameworks of wrought iron can bring out a sense of tradition in a room.


Tin Frames

Using mirrors that have tin frames will create a fanciful and delightful experience in your home. It can be perfect for the hallway, kitchen, or entryway. Having a mirror on your wall with a frame made of tin gives the space a welcoming sight.

Finished tin has the benefit of illuminating a polished surface to give a vintage look. They bring about a space that is inviting especially when you hold special occasions in your dining room. This type of a frame for your mirror will reflect the charm of a warm space.


Reclaimed Wood Frames

Reclaimed wood frames for your mirror can be made using a wide variety of woods. They are made using salvaged wood that is reborn and reshaped from railroad ties, old barns, or any other such structures. Reclaimed would inspires a lot of creativity and is perfect for furnishing a home.

Genuine hardwoods also make a great focal point when used as a frame for your mirror on the wall. The aged and patina finishes of such woods add character to any room.


Metal Frames

Another type of frame you can use for your mirror to reflect your personality is a metal frame. Metal frames can be either sublime or regal. They bring dimension and texture to any space.

Most metal frames for mirrors are made using stainless steel or nickel. Metal tends to augment traditional, abstract or contemporary furnishings. The frame can also be colored in gold, orange, aqua, or pink to brighten the overall mood.

In addition, the frames may be colorful, ornate, or just simple. Whichever frame material you choose for your mirror, among the aforementioned ones, will surely showcase the person in you. The framed wall mirror will add value to any room in your home and reflect your personality.

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