modern bathroom mirror

What is the intended use of your bathroom mirror? This may sound like an obvious question to many homeowners. However, there are more issues that need attention and consideration before purchasing a new mirror for your bathroom.

To start with, you should consider how your bathroom looks like and how it works. For instance, ask yourself whether your bathroom suite is simple or it has some fitted bathroom furniture.

Also ask yourself whether the bathroom space is small or large, dark or light, who uses the space, and how much space you have for a mirror.

If your bathroom has fitted furniture with integral storage space, then you can go for a simple mirror. However, it you don’t have a bathroom space with some storage, then you can go for a mirror with storage cabinets to offer you some storage space in addition to having a mirrored front to do your makeup, hair, or shaving.

Bathroom cabinets with mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, from corner-hung pieces to straight wall cabinets.

They may have a single or two doors, and the shelving can either be open or closed. Always buy a cabinet suit that will suit your bathroom space and your storage requirements.

A bathroom requires good lighting. You can go for any mirror but always ensure that you have it fixed at the right spot to avoid any shadow problems when trying to check yourself on the mirror.

If the room is darker, or the mirror is not positioned in a spot with good lighting, then consider installing an extra light source above the mirror, or simply buy a bathroom mirror with lights.

Therefore, always consider where you are planning to hang the mirror and how light falls around that area of your bathroom.

Having an illuminated mirror is the best option as it will offer you a shadow-free reflection. There is a wide range of mirrors with lights such as those with LED lights.

Another key factor to consider when buying a mirror for your bathroom is the size and shape. Always ensure the mirror does not overshadow the bathroom furniture or look too small next to giant basins.

Just ensure it is practical. If your space is wide, go for a landscape mirror and if the space is narrow but tall, you can go for a portrait mirror. If you position a mirror over an extra wide basin, then ensure that the mirror is also extra wide.

Also consider height such that even the tallest and shortest family member will all be able to see their reflection without standing on tiptoes or stooping.

Bathroom mirrors are beneficial in that they have a great and useful aesthetic function. Their reflective surfaces always bring the outside.

They assist in bringing more light into a bathroom and make it appear larger. Hence, consider investing in a mirror for your bathroom and enjoy its unlimited benefits.