When you are shopping for a mirror, ensure that its type, style and color will match with the color of the bathroom tiles or walls and the lights. Majestic Glass is a premier provider of top quality mirrors in the Sydney region. Call Majestic Glass today to ensure that your restroom gets a consistent appearance.

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There are mirrors of different sizes and designs used in bathrooms depending on personal preference and the size of a bathroom. One of the key uses of bathroom mirrors is reflecting light. This can be either artificial or natural light.

You can find them online in different shapes, sizes and forms. The mirrors can be rectangular, oval, round, or any other shape. Some have frames while others are frameless.

The size of the mirror to go for will depend on the vanity’s size. The mirror shouldn’t be bigger than the vanity. For instance, if you have installed sidelights in the room, then the limits of these lights might go past the vanity. An ideal choice for smaller shower rooms is installing mirror lights. If your bathroom is large in size, then installing an extra lighting on the ceiling is recommendable for offering general lighting.

Frameless mirrors that have inset lights are ideal for giving a bathroom a modern look. Square or circular mirrors can give the bathroom a modern ambience while a hanging mirror will create a unique look.

You may install an overhanging light to give your bathroom an extra look. Floor mounted furniture or wall basin furniture shouldn’t be too lengthy. You can also use wall mounted mirrors to give the bathroom a dramatic look.

These are some of the most important aspects of a bathroom. If you choose the right mirror, it will give your bathroom a stylish and modern look.

Mirrors are effective in changing the dull look of your room if you use them with good lighting. It will be your personal choice if you want your bathroom to have a contemporary or traditional look. Mirrors are a functional element of any bathroom and an effective way of coordinating the existing theme and enhancing interior design.

Bathroom mirrors will always be an integral and vital part of your overall home decor. Call Majestic Glass today to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

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