It’s not really difficult to glaze your windows. You just need to do it the right way. You can use a DIY glazing kit for better results. By completing the task successfully, you’ll surely feel satisfied and save money.

single glazed vs double glazed windows

The main function of windows is allowing natural light into a space. They also offer visual benefits that improve the ambience and atmosphere of a house. However, glass is a poor insulator.

Thus, a home with more glass windows means it loses more energy. You can reduce the energy loss in your home by glazing your windows. Here’s what you need to know.


  1. Selecting the Right Tools

You can only succeed to do a DIY project by having the right materials and tools. For this projects, you’ll need:

  • Heat gun
  • Utility knife
  • Scrapper
  • Sand paper

When doing a glazing project, you should replace chipped and cracked glazing putty. First, you’ll need to remove the old putty by heating it to make it softer and easy to pry off.

Remove all glazing compounds on your window. You’ll need to smoothen the glass and frame since oil paint may leave some unwanted tears and marks.


  1. Type of Glazing Putty

There’re two main types of glazing putty: oil-based and latex-based putty. Latex is easier to use and more affordable than oil-based putty.

On the other hand, oil-based putty is tougher and has a smoother and more professional look than latex. You’ll need to heat oil-based putty while it’s still in its container before using it. This way, it’ll be softer and more pliable when applying.

Oil glazing takes a lot of time to harden. Thus, be extra careful when reattaching the frame. You can buy glazing from your local store or online.

modern window glazing ideas

  1. Choosing Between Single-Glazed and Double-Glazed Windows

Just some few years ago, the only available type of window was the single-glazed type. Today, double glazing is becoming more popular due to its enhanced efficiency.

Most glazing professionals in Sydney advise property owners to go for double-glazing units for better results. These windows come with two glass panes that have an air space between them for enhanced insulation.

Double-paned windows are also friendly to the environment and assist in making savings on energy since they keep your home cool during summer and warmer during winter.


  1. Patience

A project involving window glazing requires patience. There’re small details that have to be done the right way and carefully for the best results. Installation may take more time especially when you’re working with oil-based putty.


  1. Budget Estimates

When it comes to the budget, you’ll not be able to cut any corners. Glazing may be expensive especially when you go for double-glazed units.

Although you’ll appreciate the results and enhance the value and beauty of your property, you should estimate the overall cost properly.

You wouldn’t want to get surprised upon finding out the final cost when you work without a budget. Also, remember that glazing your windows is a major investment that is obviously long-term. Thus, it will be worth spending on the best glazing options within your budget to get the best results.


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