Homeowners have always faced a big challenge when deciding between replacement windows and storm windows. Architects, designers, homeowners, and contractors have always been debating on the better option between the two.

There’s no single option that is the best for everyone. Every situation is different and every homeowner has their own preferences. Also, different homes have their own unique situations. Moreover, there are many factors that should be considered when choosing between replacement and storm windows.

Read on through this article for details on what you should know about these two window options and stand a better chance of making an informed decision.

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What are the Differences Between Replacement Windows and Storm Windows?

Before making any decision, you should know the differences between these windows. They are both unique in their own ways, thus you should learn more about them to make a better choice.


Storm Windows

There two main styles of storm windows. They include interior and exterior styles. Exterior ones are installed outside existing windows whereas interior ones are installed on the interior side of existing windows.

The exterior style is more common than the internal one. Exterior ones are the most common choice for homeowners choosing between storm and replacement windows.

The storm type of windows is designed to offer protection against elements like rain and wind. They also assist in enhancing insulation. They are mostly found in older homes which may have worn out or old windows.

As such, these windows are basically an interior or exterior addition to existing windows, depending on the style you choose. You can remove them any time you wish.


Replacement Windows

These windows come in various styles including double-hung, sliding, picture, awning, and casement windows among others.

One of the key differences between these windows is obviously that replacements take the current place of older windows. With replacement sets, you get new windows in your home and they fit securely and perfectly in the current window opening.

These windows are usually installed when the current windows no longer function as they are supposed to. For instance, if the current windows have mould, are damaged, or fail to open or close properly, then they need to be replaced.

These windows are made from different materials. The most popular choice in regions with extreme weather are vinyl windows. They don’t expand, warp or rot when exposed rain. They stay attractive and strong throughout the year. With these windows, you will be eliminating problems that were as a result of the old windows.

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Advantages of Replacement and Storm Windows and their Disadvantages

Now that you’ve learnt more about the differences between these two window options, it’s also great to know their advantages and shortcomings. This will also help you when deciding on the best choice for your beloved home.

Benefits and Shortcomings of Storm Windows

Most homeowners struggle when choosing between these windows since they are not well informed about what each type offers. It’s necessary to know their benefits and shortcomings.

  • Benefits

These windows are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their affordability. They are cheap to install as you will only have to cover an existing window. All that is required is getting the right measurements. Once you have the measurements, installation is easy and simple. Moreover, you can remove them or re-install them as needed.

  • Shortcomings

Storm windows work as a mere addition to existing windows. This makes them have some shortcomings since they never function like full replacements.

For instance, these windows demand regular maintenance to ensure the glass and tracks stay clean. Glass may become dirty due to high chance of debris and moisture getting trapped between the old and the add-on windows.

Moreover, these windows have lower energy efficiency than replacement ones. Since you are using them to cover the problems that your existing windows have, you will not be able to fully solve the problems.

Regardless of how well you fit these windows on top of existing ones, there will be some gaps between the two windows and this will reduce the energy efficiency of your windows. Also, these windows are less attractive when compared to the replacement ones.


Benefits and Shortcomings of Replacement Windows

These windows are completely different from storm add-ons. They come with more advantages and fewer shortcomings.

  • Benefits

One of the obvious benefits of replacement sets is that these windows fully replace the existing windows that have problems such as making your home more drafty and using more energy for cooling and heating purposes.

Replacement sets come in multiple colors and styles. Thus, you will have multiple options and you will not be limited in terms of choice. You will surely get an option that will match your home and the existing decor. For instance, if you like the beauty that comes with wood, then you can go for vinyl replacements with a finishing of wood grain.

Moreover, replacements are more energy efficient than storm add-ons. The best replacements are vinyl windows with insulated glass and frames. You will not worry about weather elements leaking into your upgraded home.

When replacing your old windows, the new set will be customized to fit perfectly in the current opening. Moreover, replacements look better than storm sets. Once you replace your worn out, old windows, you will get a good new look. Hence, replacements can fully transform the overall look of any home and give it a crisp and fresh update.

  • Disadvantages

The only major shortcoming of replacements is that they are costly. However, it is worth investing in these windows since they will ultimately save you more money with time due to reducing energy bills.

Another shortcoming of replacements is that more time and effort is required to install. You will have to remove the existing window and fit in a replacement properly. However, you can hire a professional window installer and you will not have any worries about the installation time or expertise required.


The Winning Option

Replacement windows are the winning option. They have more benefits and fewer shortcomings than storm windows.

Simply think about fixing a car. Upon getting a puncture, what would help more between patching the tire and getting a new replacement? You would obviously prefer to get a brand new replacement rather than patching it. The same case applies to windows. It is best replacing damaged windows instead of adding storm windows on an existing window.

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