One of the most important features of a home is the windows. They provide aesthetic appeal, ventilation, natural light and more benefits to any home.

If you want to fix windows in your home, it may be challenging to choose between repairing or replacing them. Thus, it’s important to think about all the factors that affect the price of a window replacement process.

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Here are seven key factors that determine the overall cost of replacing old or broken windows in your home.

  1. Types of Replacement Windows

There are tons of windows to choose from in the market. For instance, you can choose the typical double-hung windows. They have two sashes whereby each sash moves upwards and downwards as needed.

Another popular window type is a casement window. Casement windows work like doors that open sideways using a crank or lever.

Awning windows are also a popular choice and similar to casement windows, but they open horizontally. They are popularly used in basements.

Slider windows are another common type. They slide open along a track. With many options to choose from, the type you will settle on will affect the overall replacement cost.


  1. The Number of Replacement Windows

Most window companies often offer discounts for buyers who want multiple windows replaced. It would help a great to assess the current state of all windows around your home and see whether you will get most of them replaced at once.

It will be better if you can have them replaced within the same period. Replacing them one by one after a long time may be more costly. If one of the windows can do another year yet another requires immediate replacement, you can check how much it would cost to replace the two at a go.

Financing the replacements may also affect the overall cost. For instance, it may actually pay off to fund the entire cost of having all windows replaced. Some companies offer flexible financing options that can assist in making your project more affordable to undertake.


  1. Trim Repair

In case a trim is necessary, the cost of replacing windows may increase based on the kind of trim work required. For instance, there may be trim decaying from the outside. Trim around the window sill might also need some repair.

The extent of damage and the kind of work that should be done will determine the cost. Although the cost of trim repair may be minimal, it’ll still contribute to the overall replacement cost.


  1. Installation Process

The kind of installation process that your installer will choose will also impact on the money you will spend. Installing windows in a new construction may cost more since the opening for the windows would have to be reshaped to perfectly fit the type of windows you have already purchased.

Such an installation process would be more costly than retrofitting the windows, whereby you purchase windows that will fit the size of the existing opening. A retrofit installation may be more affordable since you will not have to make any changes to the original opening.

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Installations that require tearing out the entire frame means that the entire window, jamb extensions, the trim, and moulds would be torn apart.

This would be the most costly installation process since you are removing everything and installing again with new components.


  1. Type of Window Frame

Window frames have a huge impact on the overall cost of replacing windows. The type you will choose should be considered.

Common types of window frames include wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Frames encase the window all around the pane. Hence, they have a huge effect on energy efficiency and visual appeal.

The kind of frame you’ll choose can easily change the overall look of a room. Moreover, frames play a big role in the amount of air and light that will come into a room, thus impacting on the window’s energy efficiency.

Metal or aluminum frames are generally the most affordable options. Also, they’re fairly durable. Their major drawback is their low energy efficiency.

Today, most homeowners prefer vinyl frames due to their high energy efficiency ratings, combined with durability and longevity. Moreover, vinyl frames are bright, with many options to choose from.

Fiberglass frames are another great option but are less popular than vinyl. Although fiberglass looks duller than other frames, it’s an excellent insulator.

Wood has always been a top choice for many years, but it demands lots of maintenance. Investing in window frames would require you to get ready for regular repainting and checking for any changes on the wood as a result of changes in weather.


  1. Glass Pane Options

There are several types of glass panes and your choice will determine the overall cost of replacement. If you choose cheap glass, you will obviously pay less. However, there are many reasons why many homeowners prefer energy efficient glass nowadays.

Windows with multiple panes, either double or triple panes, have special gases between the panes. The gases have no health risks in case they escape. This is because the gases used are not toxic.

The special gas between the panes works by keeping cold winter air out and keeping hot air out in summer. This way, the interior conditioned air is maintained regardless of the season.

Hence, multi-paned glass windows are highly energy efficient but come at an extra cost due to the expensive technologies involved in their manufacture.

Thus, choosing a double or triple-paned glass will surely cost you more and increase the overall replacement cost.



Heated mirror technology is another energy efficient glass option. These panes have tiny metal particles on films inserted between them.

They also have special gases between the panes. These technologies combined gives the pane super energy-efficiency capabilities.

Heated glass panes and multiple paned glass tend to be more costly than average glass panes. Thus, they will add more to the replacement cost. However, they will ultimately save you money from reduced energy bills.


  1. Level of Experience

It goes without saying that hiring an inexperienced window repairer or installer would be far cheaper than hiring an experienced contractor.

Although replacing your windows may be quite costly, it would be wiser to hire a more experienced contractor.

Installing windows unprofessionally would create more problems in case some faults are introduced in the process. For instance, a faulty installation may cause the seal to fail or another fresh installation may be needed.

While it might seem more affordable to hire a contractor who charges cheaper for the work, it will be more costly when more faults are introduced. Hiring a seasoned professional will ultimately give you more savings.

However, it does not mean you should overpay. It will be a great idea getting estimates from different contractors and compare their prices. Also, compare the reputation of potential contractors and only go for the best.


Cost of Replacing Windows Depends on Multiple Factors

You can easily boost the value and appearance of your house by replacing older windows. Replacing older windows will also reduce energy costs.

Replacing windows can be quite expensive, thus think about all the key factors that add to the cost of the replacement.

By considering the window installation process, frame, and glass among other factors, you’ll be in a better position to make a more informed decision.

If you want to replace your glass windows, Majestic Glass can assist you. We have served many homeowners throughout Sydney and we would be glad to assist you with any window project you may have.

You can contact us online for a free estimate and start working with us for professional and reliable window replacement.



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