It’s obvious that you have created lots of unforgettable memories in your home but time to sell it has come. Whether you want to upgrade your home or you want something smaller, it goes without saying that you will need to make some good money when selling your home. Most home buyers want to invest in a house that looks updated.

Thus, you will have to update or replace some features of your house to increase its value. However, you will have to ask yourself the amount of money you will spend on the upgrade and whether it is really worth it.

One of the most crucial factors to consider is the cost of the upgrade. Of course, you will want more returns on your investment.

There are certain things you should replace to make your home more valuable. They include old windows, worn out floors and older appliances.

Windows are very important in a home. You will want to know what you’re investing in and the things you will do to make more returns.


Why Invest in New Glass Windows?

You should know why old windows perform poorly at insulating your home against weather elements. Old windows allow air from the outside into your home and allow air from the inside to escape outside.

Their glass area might also be inefficient. Such constant loss may raise your cooling and heating costs since your HVAC will work extra hard to cope with the constant changes.

Due to the high costs of running an HVAC system, many property owners are specifically searching for windows with higher energy efficiency ratings.

Newer windows, when installed properly, block UV radiation, thereby lowering energy costs. Some windows come in multiple panes for enhanced insulation. The extra layer minimizes energy loss, thereby increasing their insulation efficiency.

In environments with extreme weather conditions, such as extremely hot or cold regions, most people use windows made of as many as three panes.

Windows that are certified and rated as Energy Star are the best options to invest in. They have a low-emissivity type of coating that assists in blocking sunlight. They are rated by energy regulatory bodies as a top option for lowering the costs of cooling and heating a home.

Besides saving you money, newer glass windows also add style to any home. They make a home look updated and to be honest, a home with new windows gets a great selling point.

There are many shapes and styles of windows to choose from. You can find rectangular, modern windows or complicated, pointed windows with different types of panels to choose from.

Older windows can be breached easily, making your home easy to break into by would be burglars. Newer windows come with different lock systems and this enhances the safety of your home and property. Updating your home with modern glass windows will surely keep your family and property safer.


modern windows installed in a Sydney apartment


What Value Does A Glass Window Replacement Add?

Newer models of glass windows come with unlimited benefits. It may sound like investing in new windows to replace older ones is the best thing to do.

However, the main challenge that you will face is determining the amount of return you will get upon replacing your older windows. This is due to the multiple factors that lower or increase the overall value of a home.

Since new glass windows are a major selling point due to their energy-saving benefits, the value you will get is around 5-15 percent reduction in electricity consumption.

Although such a reduction is significant, it would be quite hard to quantify the amount to potential buyers who are only viewing your home in terms of short-term savings and costs.

While new windows on pricier homes may pay for their replacement cost, it may take several years to recover the replacement costs.

You may also get the wrong replacement windows for your home’s style. This is a major problem that can make you lose money since the first impression that would be buyers get is of uttermost importance.

In the end, if you do everything the right way, newer windows may give you the return you want. However, remember that the costs of replacing windows can inflate significantly. In some instances, it is not really necessary to replace old windows to sell your home at a better price.

Sometimes, just a simple upgrade is all you would need to enhance the look and value of your house. Think about fixing broken window panes, replacing older weather stripping, re-glazing windows, or even tinting the windows.

Check the window frame to see whether there’s caulking that needs reapplication. By so doing, your older windows will be nearly efficient like new ones. Moreover, it is cheaper to upgrade them this way and still maintain the style of your house.


beautiful glass windows replaced in a farm house in New South Wales


Updating other Sections of your House

Replacing older windows the right way will surely increase the value of your home. However, upgrading your home should stop there. There are more areas you can upgrade to increase the value of your beloved home further.

These updates do not have to be very expensive. A simple coat of new paint would be affordable and still give your home a newer look.

New paint will freshen up your home inside and outside. It will greatly improve the initial impression that a potential buyer will get. If your floor is beaten up and looking old, think of a replacement.

Floors made of hardwood are a great selling point of a home. However, installing them may be costly. If your home has wooden flooring, you may only need to treat it to make it look good.

Tiles that were once cool in the 1990s look somehow outdated now. However, you can still consider removing and replacing worn out tiles, but this may be costly. Thus ensure it will be worth it before replacing the tiling. The cheapest and easiest fixture to replace is a carpet.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are probably the best areas that would make the greatest returns on a remodel investment. Updating appliances, backsplash, and cabinets may become big selling points when showcasing your home to a potential buyer.

The exterior of your home is another area to consider when increasing its value for a sale. Updating exterior features such as patching up a driveway, replacing a ratty fence, and some basic gardening and landscaping, in general, would be ideal.

If the roof is leaking, you better replace it. Most buyers would not want to gamble with old roofing.


Final Thoughts

Replacing older windows with new ones comes with multiple benefits. For instance, they can reduce electricity costs, make your home look updated and assist the environment.

Although replacing your windows may seem to be a great means of giving your home a higher selling price, be careful. Besides the price, there are other pitfalls that may come with investing in new windows.

In case you find that you don’t have to update your windows, then consider giving them a basic facelift. You will only need a day’s effort to greatly improve their functionality and appearance.

There are many more features you can fix to give your home a better price. New windows would contribute significantly to a better selling price only when replacing them is done properly.

Replacing your older windows with new ones from Majestic Glass will add great value, enhance energy efficiency and improve curb appeal in your home.

Majestic Glass is a trusted and reliable glass window replacement company with thousands of happy customers across Sydney. Contact us today for a free estimate!