An old home feels beautiful and romantic. However, it is expensive to maintain. Chances are that if you have an old home, you are spending a lot on utility bills. Drafts, air leakage, inefficient appliances or other such issues can increase your electricity bills.

Luckily, there are numerous improvements you can do on your home to cut on your electricity bills and save some money. Read on for more information on how to reduce electricity bills in older homes.


sustainable desgin for energy efficient home


Replace Old Windows

Windows that are drafty can make your home colder during winter and hotter during summer. This forces you to use air conditioners and furnace for longer periods. If you replace the windows on your old home with modern models, then you will stand a chance to reduce your electricity bills by $465 annually.

Go an extra mile and ask the replacement company for more information about extra features such as low-emissivity coatings. Such coatings will assist in keeping heat either inside or outside as per the season of the year.

Installing new windows will enhance the energy efficiency in your home and reduce utility bills. For more information, contact Majestic Glass now. We sell unique and attractive windows that match with the existing décor in your old home.


Replace an Old Front Door

If you replace your old front door, you can reduce drafts in your foyer, living room, and the adjoining areas. This will also assist you in improving the insulation in your home.

Insulated fiberglass and steel doors are ideal for enhancing the energy efficiency of a home. For a firmer fit and the best results, ensure the doors are installed by professionals.


Increase the Insulation

Insulation in your home might have been efficient when your house was constructed, but many years have now passed. Improving your attic’s insulation can reduce the bill on cooling and heating your home, which generally accounts for around 50% – 70% of the overall energy used in most homes.

You can improve the insulation in your home by laying fiberglass insulation batts on attic’s joists. The batts should be installed perpendicularly on the joists such that the newly installed insulation will not compress the older one.


Seal Any Air Leakage in a HVAC System

Any air leakage in a HVAC system might make your heater and conditioner work more than required for cooling and heating your home. If you want to go the DIY way, you can blow any fog through your home’s ducts using any theatrical fog machine.

Check the joints in your home’s ducts for any smoke leaks. If you notice any leaks, seal them using duct caulk and replace cloth duct tape, if any, with a foil duct tape. Once done, use foil-faced R-6 insulator to wrap the duct and tape it with some duct tape.

If you seal ducts in a HAC system, it will assist in improving the energy efficiency of the cooling and heating system by as much as 20%.


Replace Any Old Appliances

You can improve the energy efficiency in your home by replacing old and less efficient appliances with brand new ones. Old appliances usually run for longer periods and tend to waste more energy than newer appliances.

When shopping for replacement appliances, search for those with an Energy Star rating since they are more energy efficient.


Tune Up the HVAC System

Older heaters and even air conditioners work less efficiently than they usually did when new. You can get a professional repairer to tune up your heater and air conditioner annually such that they run efficiently.

You can get your home’s HVAC system examined and repaired fully every winter. This will ensure that it remains fully efficient.