Art is a way that many people convey their inner selves. In just one simple painting you can feel emotions, be reminded of a fond memory or even think of a loved one. From Van Gough to Leonardo Da Vinci, to modern artists nowadays, art will always be something of value – something to be cherished and cared for many years to come.


Even now, you can find art in the simplest of places: for instance on buildings downtown in almost every large city that you visit. Graffiti has become something that almost everyone sees. Not everyone creates a painting and sells it for thousands of dollars. For the people who roam the streets, painting on walls, buildings, and other objects is the only way to convey their inner selves.

bondi beach graffiti

However, there are art lovers who despise graffiti. Some don’t see it as an actual art at all, but rather vandalism – something to be scorned, not cherished, something to be destroyed, not sold for profit. Others agree that graffiti is becoming a problem that has been increasing dramatically as of late. There are people out there who aren’t even angry about the vandalism side of it; they simply don’t see it as real art. Graffiti doesn’t have the depth that real art does.


One could argue that languages started out as graffiti in the caves where the man hid before he was the top predatory species. Ancient Egyptians built massive pyramids and temples covered in hieroglyphics – an ancient and yet most prized form of graffiti. It has been all around us for thousands of years.


Art is often something that is misunderstood, to begin with. How many of us visit art galleries or actually buy any art? More often than naught it’s something we see in movies or hear about in crime stories. Art is bought by the rich and seen by them.


Should people be allowed to make art anywhere? Sometimes it is painstakingly obvious that graffiti is a form of vandalism. Every time we see or hear about it, there is most generally damage to property or gang activity involved.


Why does it have to be on city walls? Even if they’re trying to express themselves. Drawing graffiti on walls most generally is the result of someone trespassing on a property and drawing art where they aren’t supposed to.


Trespassing is a crime; drawing art isn’t.


Art isn’t a crime and it never will be. It is just like anything else – when used properly almost anything can be great. Likewise, when used in a wrong way, those very same things could become crimes.


Whether it is on cave walls in 10,000 B.C, in Ancient Egyptian Temples in 2,000 B.C or on the walls bordering the streets of New York City 2016 A.D, graffiti is all around us. No matter how clean or fancy it is, if it’s being sold for thousands of dollars or drawn raw and open by those who dare to try, it is a part of our society and culture.

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