graffiti on glassCleaning graffiti may vary in method depending on the surface material you need to clean. Care should always be taken to protect yourself from chemicals and solutions used to clean graffiti by wearing protective eye wear, gloves, and garments such as a smock or apron for any additional exposed skin.

With any chemical or cleaner chosen to remove graffiti, you’ll want to read the label carefully for all directions and warnings. It is always advised that you start with a gentle, non-toxic solution first, before trying harsher chemicals. Before using a solution on an entire surface, spot test a small area that is not easily visible to ensure the cleaner will not damage your surface.

Oftentimes removing graffiti without prior experience can lead to completely damaging the surface, rendering it destroyed and unusable. If you have no prior experience with graffiti removal, you may consider contacting a professional to ensure the job is done safely, efficiently, and correctly.


Graffiti Removal: Painted Surfaces

One of the quickest and easiest ways to remove visible graffiti is to simply paint over it. You can choose to spot paint over only the marked area, however this leaves the same surface vulnerable to future vandalism.

If you suspect the surface may become victim to future or repeated attempts of vandalism, you may consider painting the surface a darker color, making it less attractive to graffiti vandals.


Graffiti Removal: Unpainted Surfaces

Graffiti on unpainted surfaces requires immediate attention to prevent the paint from deeply penetrating the surface, making it more difficult to remove. Using a wire brush and solvent designed for paint or graffiti removal, spray and brush the area containing the graffiti.

On stubborn graffiti, several applications of solvent, using different types if solvent, and allowing the solvent to sit for several minutes before brushing may be necessary. After spot cleaning the areas of graffiti, wash the entire surface to remove any remaining paint or solvent.


Graffiti Removal: Glass Surfaces

Removing Graffiti from glass surfaces can be extremely difficult and involves high risk of damage to your glass surface if you are inexperienced in removing paint from glass. A highly effective technique involves using a razor blade to gently and carefully scrape the paint away.

Paint thinners and turpentine may also be used in removing the paint from the glass. Due to the precision required for the razor blade technique and the harsh chemicals used, it is highly advised that you seek the help of a professional when removing graffiti from glass.