How to Choose the Right Glass Roofs for your Sydney Home

Whether you want to create an extension, renovate, or self-building, you can consider glass roofs when roofing your property. Glazed roofs come in several options to choose from. They’re a great alternative to traditional solid roofs.

Advanced technology in thermal efficiency and glass manufacturing in the recent past has introduced modern solutions that make it possible to create strong, durable, and energy-efficient glazed roofs. Regardless of the style you want, you can get a glazed roof that will fill your property with natural light.

Glass roofs in Sydney are a great choice to drench the living space with sunshine, especially for smaller or darker rooms that lack enough windows. You can also use them as coverings from large spaces to add natural light and reduce over reliance on artificial lighting.

modern retractable glass roof

Design Options for Glass Roofs

Glazed roofs are a flexible option in that you can have them customized to suit most architectural styles. They’re perfect for roofing contemporary homes with framed windows and sliding doors. You can also use them in any other home design whose walls can support their weight.

If designed properly, glass roofs work well in most properties. However, you should do thorough research before making your choice to determine the style that will complement and suit your property best.

Our Sydney based glass roofing experts at Majestic Glass can assist you with professional advice about the best options for your home.

Ultimately, you’ll choose between two categories of glass roofs including fully glazed and smaller glazed systems. Fully glazed systems include styles such as Edwardian, Georgian, pitched, or Victorian among others.

Fully glazed systems are supported with aluminium frames. On the other hand, smaller glazed systems don’t have structural support. Essentially, they sit on the roof. Smaller glazed systems include roof lights, pyramids, and lanterns.

If you want to install a fully glazed roof, you’ll have almost infinite choices with respect to the configuration, size, and design. The type of glazing to be installed can be customized to suit your preferences, the particular property, and its special features.

On the other hand, smaller glazed systems are non-structural in nature. They’re typically ready-made such that you can get them off the shelf. Thus, you’ll have limited options. Regardless, you can combine different systems to create a large roof that will soak your home in sunlight.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Glass Roof

Regardless of the style you want, there are several considerations to make in terms of design. For instance, the span that the roof will achieve is a major consideration to make, especially if you want to install sliding or bi-fold doors beneath.

Also, discuss your aims and needs with your contractor. You should decide about your requirements for the roof before finalizing the plan. That way, you’ll stand better chances of choosing a setup that’ll meet the desired functional objectives and looks. Read more here.

Glass Specifications

You can have the glass for your roofing project tailored according to your specific requirements. Choose glass that’s thick enough and specially treated to reduce exterior noise and prevent heat gain during hot days and heat loss during cold days. Noise reduction is especially important in urban areas.

Balance thermal performance and solar gain when choosing glass roofs. Consider a type of glass that’ll allow light to pass through and reduce thermal transfer.

There are special coatings that can be used on glass to reduce solar gain. Also, there are coatings that can be used to prevent UV damage on soft furnishings and fabrics in your home.

Self-cleaning glass coatings are popular since they make it less laborious to clean and maintain glazed roofs. Another option is installing privacy glass, especially in overlooked locations. The glass can be treated to make it translucent such that you can’t see through it but it allows for light to pass through.

Another crucial factor to consider is ventilation. You can include operable sections in the roof such that you can open them to enhance ventilation.

There are several operable options to choose from, including manually-operated, electronically-controlled, and automated systems.

Also, ensure the roof meets local regulations for safety and thermal performance. Your architect should assist you in meeting any regulations.

The Cost of a Glazed Roof

The price of installing a glazed roof will mainly depend on factors such as the configuration, specifications, and the design of the entire system. Contact Majestic Glass today through 1800 452 946 to get a free quote for your glass roof project in Sydney.

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