Causes of Pool Fencing Failure and Possible Solutions

If a swimming pool doesn’t have a child-resistant fence around it, serious accidents can occur, including drowning. Such accidents can happen when the fencing is faulty and the issue remains unattended.

Pool owners should keep their Sydney pool fencing in the best condition by checking them regularly for possible defects and fixing the defects as soon as possible.

frameless pool fence system

If a pool fence is faulty, it may cause serious problems, including drowning and hefty penalties due to non-compliance with pool safety regulations.

You can protect your family from accidental drowning and other injuries related to pool accidents by reading through this guide for more details on the causes of pool fencing failure and possible remedies.

Improper Pool Fence Installation

One of the main reasons why pool fences fail in Sydney is improper installation. For instance, if the pool fencing has defects, children may find a way to access the swimming pool without the supervision of an adult. If the pool is not fenced properly, you may have to pay huge fines for injuries and non-compliance.

If you prefer fencing your pool by yourself, ensure you get it right and adhere to pool fencing regulations. If you prefer hiring a contractor to install the pool fence, ensure they’re licensed and experienced to do the job. That way, you’ll reduce the likelihood of your pool fence failing.

It’ll also help to monitor and check your pool fencing regularly for any damages or defects. Regular maintenance will assist in detecting any damages early enough and have them fixed before causing any serious issues.

Before installing a pool fence, it’s important to know the safety regulations that have to be met, the cost of installation, and the most suitable location to install the fencing.

Inexperienced Pool Fencing Contractor

In some cases, inexperienced pool fencing contractors are responsible for unreliable pool fences. They might have missed on some pool fencing regulations, only to leave you with hefty penalties for non-compliance or accidents in worst-case scenarios.

That’s why it’s important to choose a knowledgeable and accredited pool fence contractor to ensure they install the fence properly and comply with all pool fencing regulations. That way, your pool fence will meet the required safety standards.

Low-Quality Pool Fencing Materials

Pool fences made of low-quality materials can ruin the look of the pool. Also, such materials can fail and cause pool-related accidents. That’s why it’s important to ensure the material used in fencing your pool is of high quality.

Getting the right pool fencing material is not a walk in the park. You need to do due diligence before buying the fencing material. Only install a top-quality pool fence and plan everything ahead.

When searching for an ideal fence for your pool, you’ll come across numerous options to choose from. The most popular options are glass and aluminium pool fences.

Choose the type that suits your preferences, budget, and the kind of style you want your pool area to have. Also, choose a fencing material that’s durable and easy to maintain.

It’ll help to talk to your preferred contractor regarding the construction materials they’ll use to install a fence around your pool. You can check out their past projects to assess the kind of work they do and the materials they use for pool fencing.

Non-Compliance to Pool Fencing Safety Regulations

Most pool fences fail as a result of non-compliance with the applicable regulations on pool safety. Every pool owner and pool fence installer in Sydney needs to adhere to Australian standards on pool fencing.

For instance, a pool fence in Sydney must be 1.2 meters high. If the fencing is installed lower than that, there’ll be a higher risk of pool-related accidents.

There’re several reported cases of serious pool-related injuries annually, including fatal drowning. Thus, it’s important to ensure that your pool fencing complies will all regulations in Sydney.

Final Words

Pool owners are advised to inspect their pool fences regularly for possible defects. By having any issue fixed on time, you’ll avoid incurring extra costs related to accidents and penalties.

A faulty pool fence may result in several serious issues including drowning. You can avoid such problems by ensuring your pool is fenced by a licensed and experienced pool fencing contractor.

At Majestic Glass, we supply and install premium quality pool fences. We ensure they’re installed in accordance with all pool fencing regulations in Sydney.

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