How to Repair A Glass Pool Fence?

Are you struggling with broken or chipped glass pool fencing?

Majestic Glass offers premium glass repair services for existing glass pool fences that may have been installed by our glaziers, another fencing contractor, or those installed by yourself. Contact us today to assist you with all your glass fence repairs.

modern swimming pool with a glass fence wall around the waterside

Glass Fence Repairs

We offer all kinds of glass pool fence maintenance and repairs for existing commercial and residential glass balustrades, privacy screens, and glass pool fences. Whether you’re dealing with broken glass panels or faulty hinges, our glaziers can fix them with premium quality replacements.

Broken, chipped, or cracked glass panes can affect the stability and quality of glass fencing, thereby making it potentially dangerous and unreliable. Also, movement of the decking or concrete underneath the glass fencing can cause reliability issues of frameless glass fencing.

In some cases, issues with pool fencing may cause non-compliance as per the existing pool fencing standards. The same case applies to gates, latches, or rusted spigots. Such hardware can be retrofitted or replaced with modern and warranted products.

Majestic Glass offers several kinds of glass fencing repairs for swimming pools including:

  • Glass pane repair or replacement
  • Replacing latches, hinges, or spigots
  • Latch, hinge, or gate repair or adjustment
  • Pool fence safety and compliance checks
  • Pool fencing maintenance

Our highly skilled and experienced fencing team will assist you with all kinds of pool fencing repairs. We observe all Sydney regulations on pool fencing when doing repairs or replacements.

Our glaziers will ensure your glass pool fence is attractive, safe, and complies with all fencing regulations. That way, your family’s safety will be guaranteed. Contact Majestic Glass today on 1800 452 946 and request a free no-obligation quote.

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