What Is A Glass Pool Fence?

A glass pool fence is a type of fence installed around a fence and comprises of panels made of highly toughened glass secured in place with posts or special clamps made of stainless steel or aluminium.

The fencing is available in either frameless or semi-frameless styles. Glass fencing is popular due to its contemporary, clean, and stylish nature. Besides, it doesn’t inhibit views. Here’re several common questions related to glass pool fences.

modern frameless glass pool fence ideas

What makes glass pool fences popular?

Glass is popularly used for fencing pools due to its simple nature. It looks great and doesn’t obstruct views since the glass used is clear. Thus, you can easily supervise your kids while seated outside the spa or pool. Also, you’ll enjoy the views of the pool without any obstruction.

Another reason for their popularity is that the fencing is easy to clean and maintain. It only requires simple cleaning and maintenance to serve you for many years to come.

Is it safe to fence a pool with glass?

Most homeowners wonder whether fencing a pool with glass is safe. It’s perfectly safe. The kind of glass used to fence a spa or pool is toughened and is available in thicknesses such as 8, 10, or 12 mm. The glass resists impact and cannot break easily.

In case it breaks accidentally, it only breaks into small, less harmful pieces. The broken pieces of glass can hardly cut the skin.

Additionally, the glass is secured tightly in place with techniques such as standoff, spigot, or channel fixing. If properly installed, the glass won’t move easily.

Also, hiring a professional will ensure that the glass pool fencing is installed in accordance with local council regulations and Australian Standards on pool fencing.

Who can install a glass pool fence?

Any reputable installer should be able to get the job done professionally. Only hire an insured and licensed installer to ensure the installation meets all the set regulations. That way, the fencing will be more likely to get approved by the local council.

A reputable installer will install the fencing easily and quickly. Thus, you can use the pool faster. However, you can also install the fencing by yourself.

You only need a few tools, handyman skills, and a pool fencing kit. Most pool fencing kits come with user instructions to guide you through the entire installation process.

What kind of surfaces support the installation of a glass pool fence?

There are several kinds of surfaces on which you can install glass fencing around a pool. Tiles and concrete surfaces top the list. You only need to drill some holes through tiles or concrete and secure the posts with special cement grout.

Pool fencing can also be installed in lawns and garden beds with the help of concrete pads. If you’re planning to install the fence on timber decking, then you’ll use a special type of bases to mount the fencing posts securely.

Can I install coloured glass panels for my pool fence?

While clear glass is the most popular type of glass for pool fencing, you can also use glass tinted in the colour of your choice. Also, the posts can be coated depending on the colour you want.

You can also consider gleaming silver posts. Thus, you’ll have the freedom to choose between clear and coloured fencing.

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