Cost of Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney

While glass isn’t the least expensive option for pool fencing, it comes with numerous advantages, both aesthetic and practical. Although it’s not the cheapest fencing option, is it really affordable?

Continue reading through this guide for more information about pool fencing with glass in Sydney and the associated costs of installation.

modern frameless pool fencing for above ground pool

Why Should You Fence Your Pool With Glass?

The main reason for installing a glass pool fence is that it looks stylish. A significant number of homeowners, especially those with small kids, prefer using other fencing options due to the fragile nature of glass.

However, that’s not the case. The kind of glass used in fencing is made of tempered glass, making it extremely hard and not easily breakable. The glass is available in thicknesses such as 8, 10, or 12 mm.

Most glass manufacturers and glaziers recommend using glass with a thickness of 12mm for pool or spa fencing to prevent breakage. Also, 12mm glass is safe since kids would find it hard to climb over it, thanks to its slippery nature.

Main Styles of Pool Fencing with Glass

  1. Semi-frameless glass fence: It comprises of several glass panels that are separated by mini posts. The Panels are fixed on the mini posts.
  2. Frameless glass fence: It comprises of glass panes secured in place by spigots. The spigots have brackets mounted on the ground.

Although frameless glass fences are popular, semi-frameless glass fences are recommended for installation in areas that experience high winds.

This is because the mini posts assist in preventing the glass panels from being swayed by high winds.

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Fence Around The Pool?

You can find DIY kits for glass fencing. If you have reasonable DIY skills, you can follow the instructions that came with the kit by installing the fence yourself.

That way, you’ll save a lot of money that you’d have otherwise spent on hiring an expert. However, you can go ahead to get estimates from different glass fence installers.

Glass pool fencing is a task that can be done quickly. You’ll only require a few tools and materials to get the job done.

The main benefit of hiring experienced installers is that they’ll come to the site with all the hardware required to install the fence efficiently and quickly.

When comparing estimates for pool fencing with glass, there are certain things to consider besides the cost. These considerations include:

  • Does the glass fencing meet all local standards for spa or pool fencing? For instance, the fence should have a height of at least 1200mm, and the gates should open outward and lock automatically.
  • Does the estimate include everything such as panels, hinges, gates, and hardware among other details?
  • How thick is the glass being quoted?
  • Is there a guarantee for workmanship from the installer?
  • Is the fence installer insured and licensed?
  • Does the fence have a warranty?

While independent installers may charge low for labor, you may have to pay extra for supply. Thus, get estimates for both supply and installation. Suppliers already make a huge profit from selling the fencing.

Thus, they consider installation as an extra but cheap service. Thus, suppliers often keep the cost of installation quite low.

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