The Pros and Cons of Glass Splashbacks

You can enhance the interior décor of your kitchen and increase the overall value of your home by installing a unique glass splashback.

While glass splashbacks in Sydney have been in use for several years, it’s important to know their advantages and disadvantages before installing them in your kitchen.

This article outlines the pros and cons that come with glass splashbacks to assist you in deciding whether they’re the right fixture for you.

beautiful glass splashback ideas for the kitchen

Advantages of a Glass Splashback

  1. A wide range of options

A key advantage of glass kitchen splashbacks is their availability in a wide range of colours and effects. You can choose between a solid or simple colour.

You can also personalize the splashback with captivating photo effects. Another option is including unique design elements such as fruits and crockeries.

Regardless of the style or design of your kitchen, it’s possible to can get a splashback that will blend in perfectly. Additionally, you can use it as a focal point in the kitchen by enhancing it with LED lights.

  1. Makes a space feel larger

Another major benefit of a glass splashback is its reflective nature. If properly installed, it can reflect natural light in the kitchen, thereby making the space look and feel larger. This is especially beneficial in a small kitchen or a kitchen that lacks windows.

Since the splashback reflects light, it’ll make the kitchen feel more welcoming and warm, even during dark evenings and blue winters. In comparison, you wouldn’t get such effects with paint, tiles, and other finishing materials.

  1. Different pricing

You can easily find a splashback within your budget and lifestyle, thanks to their availability in a wide price range.

While all glass splashbacks are safe, those made of regular glass are the most affordable option while those made of toughened safety glass are more resistant, stronger, and expensive.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain

Glass splashbacks are extremely easy to clean and maintain. You only need a soft piece of cloth, warm water, and dishwashing liquid to clean it. Simply wipe it down to remove any dirt and stains.

Disadvantages of a Glass Splashback

  1. Expensive

Custom glass splashbacks are attractive but quite expensive. Besides, you’ll need to add the cost of installation. While applying paint is more affordable, it doesn’t give the kind of impact that comes with glass splashbacks.

You can also go for regular glass splashbacks, which are more affordable than custom ones but also more expensive than paint.

  1. Difficult to install

Unlike paint or other kinds of splashbacks, it’s quite challenging to install glass splashbacks. Also, you need to handle the glass carefully.

The installers should also ensure that they cut the glass precisely. The glass also requires a neat, smooth finishing. Additionally, special tools are required to install the glass.


If you’re doing a kitchen renovation project and you want your kitchen to look classy without compromising on its décor, contact Majestic Glass for professional glass splashback installation.

Regardless of your budget, we will discuss the best options for your situation. Besides, we have a wide variety of options to choose from.

We can also customise glass splashbacks depending on your specifications. We manufacture, supply, and install high-quality splashbacks throughout Sydney. Contact Majestic Glass through 1800 452 946 for more information.

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