How to Maintain Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney

It’s easy to keep a glass pool fencing safe. You only need to maintain it regularly with a few, simple tools. That way, it’ll remain functional for several years. Read on through this guide to learn how to maintain your pool or spa glass fence.

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Tools Required

  • Safety glasses
  • Non-slip glass gloves


  • Rubber mats
  • Glass suction lifter

Steps to Maintain Your Glass Pool Fence

Step #1: Organize the tools required for the job

Before installing a glass fence around your pool, it’s important to get the tools required ready. For instance, you’ll need special tools such as a suction lifter to assist you in carrying glass easily and safely.

Also, you need to wear proper safety gear such as safety work glasses to keep your eyes protected and non-slip glass gloves to assist you in carrying glass safely.

Also, get some rubber mats to rest glass fence panels on them to protect them from getting scratched or cracking.

Step #2: Check for pool fencing regulations

One of the most prevalent yet preventable causes of death among children below 5 years is drowning. Thus, there are strict regulations that guide on how pool fences should be built and maintained.

The laws are set to protect kids by keeping them away from the spa or swimming pool. Thus, check for the set laws by your local council before building a pool or spa fencing.

Step #3: Clear the surroundings

Upon installing a glass fence around your pool, it’s important to ensure there are no objects around the fence. That way, kids won’t have objects that they can otherwise use to step on and climb over the fence to access the pool.

Step #4: Keep the lock properly maintained

You should inspect the lock or latch that comes with the fence door or gate regularly. Check whether it’s working properly.

To do this, open the gate and check whether it’s closing automatically and the lock is clicking into place securely.

Step #5: Check the screws

Another regular pool fencing maintenance routine is checking whether the screws are tight. To do this, lift the cover that hides each screw securing the fence posts into the pool decking. Check whether the screws are tight. Tighten any loose screws.

Step #6: Check the fencing supports

Also, tighten the screws that secure the glass fencing in place. Use the Allen key that came with the fence kit to tighten the fencing supports.

Reach Out to a Glass Pool Fence Specialist in Sydney

If you’d like professionals to take care of your glass fence, get in touch with Majestic Glass today! Our Sydney glass pool fencing experts have over 25 years experience in installing and maintaining frameless and semi-framed glass fences for pools and other areas.

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