How Much Will it Cost to Install a Skylight?

A skylight is a window you can install over your roof to ventilate or brighten up your home.

It gives you a nice view of the stars at night and the blue sky in the day during good weather.

You can also use it to highlight areas of the home that are aesthetically pleasing, such as an indoor garden, sculptures, and a swimming pool.

Skylights Sydney are an excellent way to reduce heating and cooling costs. They also get rid of excess moisture in the home.

You may wonder, what do I have to pay to install a skylight and enjoy all these advantages?


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Well, several factors will determine the cost of installing a skylight in your home. Here are a few:


  1. Type

You can choose from three types of skylights. These are fixed, tubular, and ventilating skylights.

Fixed skylights are permanently closed. You cannot open them to let in the fresh air. But you can use them to let in a lovely view of the sky and some natural light.

They are the most popular choice because they cost less to install and are easier to maintain than ventilating skylights.

Ventilating skylights cost a bit more because you can open them. That allows you to use them for aeration, lighting, and aesthetic purposes.

Tubular skylights differ significantly from fixed and venting ones because they only give you light.

They are installed using tubes that direct light from the roof to the room you install them over and are ideal for lighting hallways and closets.

You will also find installation experts that can combine ventilating and fixed units. They allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a skylight which are lighting, pleasant views, ventilation, and temperature control.

What causes the difference in installation costs of skylights is the cost of roofing materials and the skills required to install them.

Fixed skylights will cost you between $150 and $ 1,500, while ventilating skylights will cost you between $ 300 and $ 2,500.

Tubular skylights cost between $ 450 and $1,300.

Quality skylights have a lifespan of up to 40 years. Investing your money in a skylight that can last that long gives you value for money.

Therefore, ensure the money you pay doesn’t go to waste by installing a skylight with a good warranty.


  1. Operation

Ideally, the type and slope of your roof will determine how high your skylight installation costs go and the kind of skylight you can put up.

If your roof is too steep, you need an installer with special know-how to put up the skylight. And that may cost you more.

It’s also more challenging to install a skylight on a metal roof than one with asphalt shingles.

You can operate skylights manually or by using a remote control or a thermostat sensor.

Manually operating a skylight requires you to crank it up by hand or pull a cord. Solar and electrically powered skylights are often controlled by remote.

Standard solar skylights cost between $300 and $700 to install, while remote-controlled skylights cost $600 to $1000.

A manually operated venting skylight will cost between $300 and $600.

An electrically powered skylight costs more to put up than one you can control manually because it includes electrical work.

Roofing experts rarely lay wiring. That means you should factor in the cost of hiring an electrician (which may range between $75 and $300) into your installation costs.


  1. Material

The typical plastic materials used for skylight installation are polycarbonate and acrylic. While tempered and laminated glass are the popular choices when it comes to glass glazing.

Single, double, or triple glass glazing is available if you want toughened safety glass.

Using insulated double glazing to install your skylight will reduce energy loss and noise from outside.

Depending on the size of your skylight, installing a double glazed skylight will cost you between $263 and a whopping $ 4600. The larger the skylight, the more expensive it gets.

The style of skylight you choose will determine the glazing material you use.

For example, plastic glazing is used to put up dome skylights because it is easy to shape into different forms.

You may also choose glazing based on tints and coatings, such as low-emission coating, which costs between $100 and $250.

Such glazing will prevent your furniture from fading and protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Tinting your glass skylight will cost between $100 and $400 and is ideal for skylight beautification, temperature control, and UV protection.

The cost of skylight framing materials also matters. You can choose from vinyl, metal, and wood.

Wood framing is the most costly, while vinyl is the least expensive.

Wood-framed skylights cost between $300 and $ 2,500 and are harder to maintain because they are prone to moisture problems. They require constant maintenance and may cost you more over time.

Vinyl skylights cost between $ 150 and $ 1,000, are low maintenance and are the least expensive. They are suitable for moderate climates, last for a long time, and are best for leakage prevention.

Metal-framed skylights cost between $200 and $ 1,500. They last longer than vinyl and are easier to maintain than wooden ones.


  1. Labour Costs

The labour costs of installing a skylight are determined by the complexity of your skylight design, its size, and where you want to install it.

Your installer will consider the difficulty of accessing the roof, its pitch, the style of installation, and material requirements when charging you.

For instance, tubular skylights are often directed from the roof to lower floors in story buildings.

Installers need to cut into your drywall and angle the tube in different ways to direct the tube to the room where the skylight is required.

Fixed skylights are often installed on top of a roof and do not require such maneuvers or labor.

You need between $ 150 and $ 500 to install a fixed skylight onto your roof. And putting up a tubular skylight will cost you between $ 500 and $ 1,000. Installing a ventilating skylight will cost you between $350 and $1,250.

Where you need to install a skylight over a room below an attic, by directing light to it using a framed tunnel, it may cost you $ 1500 to put it up.

It’s also important to note that a bad skylight installation can cost you up to $ 1,000 to fix.

Therefore, it’s better to hire an experienced skylight installer from the beginning who will cost you a minimum of $ 500 but assure you of an expert installation.


  1. Style

There are two types of skylight installation. These are curb mounting and deck mounting.

The style of mounting a skylight will either inflate or reduce your installation costs.

Curb-mounted skylights sit on top of a frame and cost between $ 150 and $ 1,500.

They come fully assembled from the factory, which cuts down on their installation costs.

Deck-mounted skylights lie flush against the roof. They cost between $ 150 and $ 2,500 to install and are a bit costlier than deck-mounted ones because they are built from scratch on-site.

However, since they are made to fit your roof, you can install them in different shapes and sizes, giving you the chance to customize your skylight.


  1. Size

A  2 by 4-foot standard skylight will cost between $150 and $ 500 to purchase and $ 500 to $ 3,000 to install.

A customized skylight can cost as much as 25 percent more than a standard-sized unit.

Installers customize skylights to fit a roof type or design.

25 inch wide skylights are ideal for truss roofs, while stick roofs can take 33-49 inch skylights.

25 by 25-inch skylights cost between $150 and $500, while 33 by 49-inch skylights cost between $ 300 and $ 1000.

The size of skylight you choose will depend on the area you plan to install it in and your budget.


  1. Shape

You’ll notice that standard skylights are primarily rectangular and square. But you can customize yours to any shape or design.

However, customizing your skylight to a different shape, such as an oval, will cost you more than regular shapes because it requires extra work.

The type of skylight also matters when picking a shape. Ventilating skylights are mostly rectangular, and trying to make one round is asking for unnecessary extra costs.

However, you can configure a rectangular ventilating skylight into different dimensions if you want to change the shape. For example, you may make it thinner or wider.

You can expect rectangular and square skylights to cost between $ 150 and $ 2,000, while oval skylights cost between $ 600 and $ 2,500.

Circular ones cost between $ 400 and $ 1,000 and are often used to install dome-shaped skylights.

A triangular skylight will cost you between $ 500 and $ 3,000. It is ideal for anyone looking to install a uniquely shaped skylight such as a pyramid skylight.


Do you want to replace your skylight?

These details apply to installing a skylight from scratch, but what happens when you want to replace an existing one? Does it cost as much?

Replacing a malfunctioning skylight that has stopped working due to old age, leaks, or disrepair is not as expensive as putting up a new one.

That’s because a roof opening was previously created for a skylight and any supporting installation such as electrical wiring already exists.

Repeat installations may also attract discounts that will lower the installation price.

Therefore, since you don’t have to worry about exorbitant charges, you can improve your skylight choice.

There are many modern and affordable skylights in the market. It’s a good idea to pick one that will give you a better experience and last longer than the previous one.

A combination of a ventilating and fixed skylight is a good option.

Also, consider investing in modern materials such as safety glazing, blinds, and modern operation methods such as automation to improve your skylight experience.

A rain sensor for your skylight will cost you between $200 to $300 but save you from moisture damage in the rainy season.

And if insects are a problem in your area, a removable insect screen will cost you between $239 and $327. That’s value for money if you think of the protection you get from pesky bugs.



Do you want to install a skylight in your home? Use these factors to pick the one that suits your budget and style.

Installing a skylight will increase the value of your home and improve its aesthetic appeal.

It can also decrease your electricity and heating bills, making it worth the investment.

Call a roofing expert for a quote today. And you will be surprised how affordable it is to put up a skylight in your home.



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