Glass Repair Concord | 24 x 7 Emergency Glass Replacement Services

At Majestic Glass, we have been providing top-tier service in glass repair and installation for over a quarter of a century. We are recognized as one of the premiere glass service companies in Concord and we offer a wide variety of glazier services such as repairing or replacing broken windows, installing in new-builds and many other glazier related services.

Same Day Glass Servicing

Our skilled team of glaziers can accommodate just about any job ensuring same day delivery on our glass replacement services. We replace glass in both domestic and commercial capacities including common problems such as cracks and shattered glass.

24 Hour Emergency Glass Replacement

Day or night, Majestic Glass is ready to fill your needs. We stock a wide variety of glasses to accommodate emergency glass replacement jobs. This way, we are able to accurately and quickly respond to our customers. This includes toughened glazing, annealed glass panels and even safety glass.

Glass Installation

Our team of glaziers can fit glass panels to wood or aluminium frames of all types. This includes everyday items such as shelves, furniture fixtures , mirrors and glass doors. Glass splash backs are also an option and provide a great alternative to traditional tiles in kitchen, bathroom or laundry rooms. Whether in the home or office, it doesn’t matter, Majestic Glass has got you covered – we even cover replacement of store front glass.

Shower Screen Replacement

Cracked or broken shower screens are not only unsightly, but dangerous. Why not get those replaced with something new and modern? Whether you are simply looking to upgrade or repair, Majestic Glass in Sydney has just about anything you need. Give us a call for all of your glass installation, repair or refurnishing needs.

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