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As the leading company for glass repair in Chippendale, NSW, the glaziers at Majestic Glass will deliver professional and speedy repair and replacement services throughout Chippendale and surrounding suburbs.

Our specialized glass technicians will arrive at the site and replace or repair your broken windows. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to pick your calls any time of the day.


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Emergency Glass Repair Service in Chippendale NSW

We offer services such as glass repair/replacement, window replacement or repair, repairing or installing new screens and replacing or repairing window components like spiral balances and tilt latches.

Contact us today through 1800 452 946 to start your project. We also offer repaired or new windows, repairing pet screens and emergency services for boarding up broken windows.

Why Hire Majestic Glass Glaziers?

If you’re a contractor or homeowner who is searching for the highest quality and most affordable glass or repair parts for windows, then look no further. Majestic Glass is here to help.

We are the most trusted company in the Sydney region with 20 years of experience in the glass industry. We offer professional services that exceed your expectations. Whether you want window services for a residential or commercial property, we will satisfy your needs. Our services include:

  • Window pane replacements
  • New and customized storms
  • Customized window screens
  • Repairing patio screen doors
  • Window hardware and many more

Replacing Residential & Commercial Glass

Repairing broken double or triple-pane glass windows is often impossible. This is usually a major problem since many property owners have invested in multiple pane windows.

These windows have a vacuum space between the multiple panes. When broken, its thermal and sound insulation properties are permanently destroyed.

At such times, you will have to replace the broken panes with new units. Luckily, you will not have to install new frames.

At Majestic Glass, we will assist you with replacing broken double and triple-pane windows with new units.

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