Sliding Windows

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When you have brand new sliding windows installed by the team at Majestic Glass, you are guaranteeing that you will increase the overall value, comfort, and look of your home as a result.

Sliding windows contain a fixed glass panel, as well as one or more moving panels of glass. In order to open or close the window, the moving glass panel must be slid horizontally either left or right. These types of windows are known to work especially well in areas of homes that don’t contain a great deal of space.

These include kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. These windows are also in very popular simply because of how easily functional it is. It’s also popular due to its overall design and the fact that there are no panes of glass that interfere on either your indoor or outdoor living area whenever they’re open.

Here are some useful facts about them and why a lot of people like them so much:

  • They’re not only functional but extremely easy to operate
  • They’re designed with the intention of improving both the interior and exterior of your home
  • They are constructed with all of your specific requirements in mind
  • They are available in a wide range of options, including colour, size, and glazing
  • They are a very popular choice among many homeowners who are looking to replace older windows in their homes

Easy-Clean Tracks

Our sliding windows contain tracks that are easy to clean, even with a vacuum cleaner, and allow for the window itself to have much better movement.

Anti-Dust, Anti-Draft, Watertight

The high-quality framing of all of our windows, coupled with all of the professional installation techniques of our experts means that your windows will be totally sealed each and every time. This will help to keep your home free of dust, drafts, and water.

Ventilation with Security

If you’re someone who wants to leave your windows open to allow fresh air to enter a space, yet don’t want to compromise security of an area such as your front patio, consider investing in a 52mm window from Majestic Glass.

These windows contain 100mm keyed vent locks, which are designed to allow the window to be left open partially so that your home can still remain secure while, at the same time, allowing fresh air to enter it.

Weather Protection

Each and every Majestic Glass window is fitted with full joint sealing, which will ensure that protection against inclement weather will be dealt on a year-round basis. Additionally, our windows also meet the BAL40 Bushfire rating to deal with more extreme weather conditions.

Excellent Finishing and Detail

Concealed reviews and clear sightlines are two features that allow Majestic Glass windows to help blend in with your home’s original style while, at the same time, not infringing on its original functionality.

Fly Screen and Security Fittings

They allow for easy removal of safety, security, and insect screens at any time you wish to do so.

Lifetime Materials and Tough Components

Your windows will be able to remain strong for years to come thanks to high-quality components and materials.

Local Manufacturing

All of our windows are made at our factory in Sydney thanks to a unique production process, which has been repeatedly refined over the past 30 years.

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