Aluminium French and Hinged Doors In Sydney

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French doors have gained more popularity with homeowners within the last several years. Often referred to as hinged doors or swing doors, French doors can be used to add elegance to any home. They are available in leaf and double leaf options.


Majestic Glass has an aluminium French door that can make your home appear larger without extending or renovating your space. This exceptional door can also lend an air of class to the indoor and outdoor areas of your residence.


French doors are designed to open wide to allow simple passage from the outdoors into your home. This is the primary reason why they are the ideal choice for areas such as the patio, garden, and backyard. They are also suitable for large balcony areas.


A French door can be configured to swing either inwards or outwards. The desired look and space requirements are the two common factors that determine the door’s direction. Inwards-swinging doors are appropriate for homeowners who want to give a resort vibe to a room with an adjoining balcony. Outwards swinging doors are the best options for outdoor terraces.


Majestic Glass has given traditional French and hinged doors a modern twist. Our aluminium windows and doors have a sleek contemporary look. They come in eight different attractive colors that will compliment your home’s interior and exterior.


Each set of doors will be made to your home’s exact measurements, and they can be installed in any doorway area or wall.


Make the Most Out of Your Living Area


With Majestic Glass, you have options when it comes to Aluminium French Doors. You can go with the traditional single leaf or the double leaf. You also have the choice of having the door to swing inwards or outwards.


Our experienced team will be more than happy to answer your questions. They will also be able to help you choose the configuration that maximize and enhance your space.


Combine Your French Doors with Aluminium Windows


French doors can be installed with adjacent window and door configurations to create an outstanding look.


Easy to Clean and Maintain


Majestic Glass aluminium doors are simple to clean and maintain. There will be no need for re-lacquering or re-painting. They are designed to look new and fresh for a long period of time.


Professionally Crafted French Doors Made in Sydney


Majestic Glass has manufactured French doors at our Sydney factory for over twenty-five years. They are manufactured with high-quality Australian-made construction materials. The doors are installed in your home by experienced professionals.


Superior Durability and Strength with Lower Maintenance Requirements


Aluminium French doors offer many big advantages that cannot be found in other construction materials such as timer and other wood materials.


Aluminium French doors provide sound structural stability, durability, and lower maintenance requirements. They also come with a BAL40 Bushfire rating if you have any concerns about fire safety in your home.


The Majestic Glass Promise


Our aluminium French doors come with a seven-year installation warranty and a solid three-year moving parts warranty.


Customize Your Sliding Doors


Whether your style is simple, classic, or modern, Majestic Glass offers a range of different colour options which will compliment home colour scheme and décor.


Majestic Glass products come in a range of fourteen colour options, and you can choose from a range of glass glazing options. You can choose low glass if you are aiming at lowering your cooling and heating costs. You can go with obscured glass if you want to have privacy in certain areas of your home.


Exterior French Doors – Over 25 Years of Experience


We offer quality French windows that will meet your home’s space requirements. We can create the look you desire.


Professional Installation


It’s vital that you have your chosen products installed by a true professional. This will ensure that your doors and windows are watertight, dust proof, and meet their BAL-40 bushfire rating.


Majestic Glass has manufactured and installed quality aluminium sliding doors in the Sydney area since the last 25 years. We offer a full supply and installation service to all of our clients. We also offer a supply only service to customers who prefer to work with their own installer.

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