Aluminium Double Hung Windows In Sydney

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At Majestic Glass, our expert team of professionals are trained to install aluminium double hung windows in a way that will help to increase the look, value, and comfort of your home. Not only are all of our installers full-time professionals, but at Majestic Glass, we never use sub-contractors of any kind do perform work.


A double hung window is a window that features a moving sash and a fixed sash. It could also alternatively feature two moving sashes that slide open in opposite directions from one another, which enables you to both open and close the top and bottom panels of the window individually.


The window can be locked even if it’s open, which can still keep your home secure even if you want to allow fresh air to come in from the outside at any time. These particular types of windows are best used in spaces that need to be well ventilated or where there may be a restriction of open space.


They are also great for those who have homes with small children, as the option to open only the top sash helps to protect against accidents involving children attempting to climb out.


Here are great features of these types of windows.

Improved Ventilation

Adjustable top and bottom hung sashes allow for both improved ventilation and climate control.


Engineered Sash Balances

In addition to this great feature, conveniently-located screws allow for sash tensioners to be adjusted quickly and easily.


Maximum Weather Performance

This is something that can be ensured thanks to full joint sealing. It helps to protect against rain, dust, and wind.


Security and Safety

Our aluminium double hung windows give you the option of adding die cast zinc cam locks for extra added security.


Fly Screen and Security Fittings

These windows are put together in such a way that allows for the extremely easy installation and/or removal of safety, security, and insect screens at any time you wish.


Durable Materials and Tough Components

At Majestic Glass, we use only the highest quality aluminium in all of our products, in addition to locks and other materials that fit all of Australia’s strict safety standards. All in all, this means that each and every one of our products will remain strong and durable for many years to come, regardless of the condition of the weather.


Refined Manufacturing Process

Our products are constructed at our Sydney-based factory using a manufacturing process that has been refined repeatedly for over the past 25 years. Each and every product both meets and exceeds the most stringent of Australian Standards and testing requirements.



Regardless of your personal taste, there are a wide variety of customization options that you can choose from for your aluminium double hung windows, including colour. These will help to make the windows blend in with the existing decor of your home. Many different glass glazing options are available, which include the following:


  • Low-E Glass (which can help to lower heating and cooling costs)
  • Obscured glass (which helps to provide more privacy)
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