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Majestic Glass’ bi-fold windows are truly great ways to enjoy both outdoor living and entertaining all sorts of guests. Even better is the fact that the folding versions of these windows offer equally great ways to maximize your window space without having to worry about compromising one bit of your style.

Bi-fold windows, as opposed to more traditional windows that tilt open or slide open halfway, allow you to open them to as far as they will go. At the same time, the window panes themselves fold to either the left or right so that they will not intrude on your living space.

All in all, these windows are suited best for kitchens and any form of entertaining area since they allow you to get the most out of all of your outdoor areas.

Here are some of the most notable features of these windows.

Streamlined Window Design

These windows enable you to allow just the right amount of fresh air into your home. This can be done by independently opening up the lead panel from other folding panels.

Whenever you’re ready to close everything up, you can utilize a secure locking mechanism to make sure that everything is secured and that the window can’t be opened from the outside.

Adhering to Strict Bushfire Safety Ratings

Every Majestic Glass window meets or exceeds the BAL40 Bushfire rating. This means that each product is tested to some of the most stringent and highest safety standards regarding bushfires throughout Australia.

Expert Installation and Manufacture

Our products are constructed at our Sydney-based factory using a manufacturing process that has been refined repeatedly for over the past 25 years. Each and every product both meets and exceeds the most stringent of Australian Standards and testing requirements.

Customization and Convenience

They are available in three different fold panel configurations. These are two, three, and four-fold. They can also be fitted with fly screens that are retractable and are mounted on tracks that are smooth, allowing the windows themselves to be opened and closed with little to no effort at all.

Customizing Your Window

No matter what one style you may like more than another, Majestic Glass provides you with a wide range of colour options that you can utilize to help your bi-fold windows blend in with the rest of your home’s current decor and colour scheme.

There is a wide variety of glass glazing options as well. These include such options as low-E glass, which can help to reduce the overall costs of your heating and cooling bills every year. Another useful glass glazing option includes obscured glass, which can help to provide you with an extra amount of privacy whenever you need it.


At Majestic Glass, we allow you to choose from various configuration options that suit all of your overall needs and preferences.

Expert Installation

Even though it’s important to ensure that you choose just the right product for your home, it’s equally as important to ensure that that same product is installed by a professional who’s highly trained. Ever since the last 25 years, Majestic Glass has manufactured and installed doors and windows all throughout Sydney, as well as offering a full installation and supply service to each and every one of our clients.

In addition, we are also proud to offer a supply-only service for customers who prefer to work with a separate builder to install the products that they purchase.

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