A Guide for Installing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Sydney

Safety is extremely important in a spa or pool. Fencing a spa or pool is a great way of ensuring that youngsters are kept away from going into the water.

We’ve prepared a guide to assist you in fencing your pool in Sydney with glass panels, including the equipment and tools required, how to fix fencing posts, and hanging the glass fence and door.

frameless glass fencing installed around a pool

Equipment and Tools Required

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Glass gloves
  • Spirit level
  • Cordless drill
  • Hammer

Materials Required

  • String line
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Glass gate (hinged)
  • Glass fence panels

Steps to Follow to Install a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Step #1: Establish whether there are any required regulations from your local council

It’s important to check for any regulations from your local council authorities before starting a pool fencing project. That way, you’ll avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that your project complies with local council regulations.

Step #2: Marking the positions for the fence posts

Take measurements and mark the spots where you’ll mount the fencing posts. To do this, drive a nail between the pool decking boards.

Take a string and tie it to the fixed nail. Run the string past the perimeter of the fencing. Ensure the string runs straight. Tie it up tightly. You can tie it around a nail, brick, or any other firm spot.

Step #3: Position the fencing posts

Check the instructions that came with the fencing posts. Take measurements and mark the spots to fix the posts. Position the posts underneath the string.

Ensure the fence posts are properly lined along the entire perimeter. Avoid positioning them in deck areas with gaps to ensure they’re properly secured in place.

Step #4: Make holes for the posts

Take a cordless drill and pre-drill holes into the pool decking for installing the fencing posts. Use screws to secure the fencing posts into the decking.

Step #5: Attach metal protectors over the posts

Unfasten the string and set it aside. Position metal rings on the top surface of the posts. The rings will work as protectors to hide the screws and make the posts look attractive.

Step #6: Attach a metal plate and rubber grip to each post

Attach a metal plate into each post to conceal the screws fitted at the side. Next, attach a grip on each post.

Leave a section of the rubber grip to extend outward. That way, the grips will slide into the fence post after mounting the glass panels.

Step #7: Attach spacers and panels

Next, attach the spacers that came with the posts. The spacers will spread the grips. They’ll also make it simpler to attach the glass panels. Once done, wear a pair of glass gloves.

Get assistance from someone to place the first panel against the fencing posts. Doing it alone might be unsafe since the glass panels require safe handling.

Step #8: Ensure the glass panel is properly leveled

Take a spirit level and use it to check whether the glass panel is properly leveled. Next, insert all the panels in place.

Ensure the space between adjacent panels is even. Use a tape measure for this purpose. Make any necessary adjustments.

Step #9: Fix the panels securely

Ensure the glass panels are tightly secured in place. To do this, tighten all the bolts with the help of an Allen key. If necessary, use packers that came with the kit to level the panels before tightening the bolts.

Step #10: Fix all the fence panels

Once done with installing the panels along the markings you made with the help of a string, repeat the procedure around the entire perimeter of the pool.

Make sure you leave the right space between the hinged and fixed glass panels when pre-drilling holes for installing the panels.

Step #11: Fix the hinges

Ensure you follow the user instructions that came with the kit when assembling the hinges. Insert each hinge bolt through a pre-drilled hole.

Insert nuts around the bolts and tighten them with an Allen key and spanner. Repeat this procedure for all hinges.

Step #12: Mount the glass gate

Again, wear a pair of glass gloves. Seek assistance to lift the gate and position it in place. Place some blocks under the gate panel to assist in supporting it as you fix the hinges in place.

Step #13: Fix hinges on the glass gate

Fix the hinges onto the glass gate. Remember to mount rubber protectors between the glass and hinges on either side of the panel.

Step #14: Mount the first section of the gate latch

Mount the first section of the gate latch with the help of the user instructions that came with the kit. Insert each bolt through the drilled holes. Use a matching Allen key to tighten the bolts in place.

Step #15: Mount the second section of the gate latch

Next, mount the second section of the gate latch. Close the gate to ensure that the two sections of the gate latch are properly aligned and locking. Once confirmed, secure the latch in place with a matching Allen key.

Step #16: Carefully tension the gate hinges

Check the user instructions and follow them to tension all the hinges. Tension each hinge with the larger pin. Lock the hinge into place with the smaller pin. Ensure you have tensioned the hinges tight enough.

Test the tension by pushing the gate open and see whether it’ll close automatically. In case it fails to close automatically, adjust it accordingly.

Step #17: Mount spiked caps over the hinges

Mount a spike cap over each door hinge. Doing so will prevent unwanted persons from climbing over the glass fence as they won’t step on the spiked hinges.

Remember to use all the tools and equipment outlined in this guide safely and appropriately to avoid injury. If you’re not sure about how to use any tool, consult an expert from Majestic Glass via 1800 452 946 for further assistance.

Hire a Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Expert in Sydney

If you’d rather get in touch with professionals to get the job done, reach out to Majestic Glass. Our glass experts can provide superior services in installing your frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney. Reach out to us via email or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

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