6 Reasons to Install a Skylight in Your Home or Office

Whenever you think of lighting, you most likely picture electrical lights. Few people think of natural light sources such as sunlight.

And that is unfortunate because energy bills are pretty high these days. The average person uses 38 percent of their paycheck on electricity.

Since we have natural light sources that we can harness for free to power our homes, why don’t we use them?


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For example, sunlight is with us for a minimum of 12 hours a day, and it is used in various light installations to illuminate homes.

Therefore, it is a viable solution if you are thinking of reducing your utility bills. And a great way to do this is by installing a skylight in Sydney.

Skylights are roof windows you can use to harness sunlight and illuminate your home.

They are made of glass panels framed with materials such as vinyl and wood that are set up over roofs to capture light.

You can install ventilating skylights or fixed skylights over your home.

Ventilating skylights allow you to open or close them based on your needs, while fixed skylights remain shut always. You may also install a combination of the two.

There are other skylights known as tubular daylights or solar tubes that you can use to light up low-light rooms, such as basements, lobbies, and attics.

Now that you know what skylights are and the different types available, let’s address the reasons for installing them.


Why would you put up a roof window over your home or commercial building?


  1. To brighten your living space

If you have few windows in your home and it’s always dark and gloomy, a skylight is one of the best ways to brighten it and bring in a beautiful view of the sky.

Sunlight can improve your mood and disposition, energizing you and making you happy.

Although you may think the light in your home is enough, you can make it better. Vertical windows allow very little light into our houses compared to skylights.

And when they are blocked by trees or tall buildings, it cuts down the natural light streaming into your home even further.

Combining a skylight and vertical windows is a great way to keep your home well-lit, especially in dark, small rooms such as attics, closets, and pantries.


  1. Improve ventilation

If your home needs extra ventilation, installing a skylight is a clever way to aerate it.

It is especially beneficial over wet spaces such as bathrooms to get rid of excess humidity and prevent mold growth.

Skylights also come in handy over kitchens and other high heat areas where they can expel hot air and let in cool air.

A skylight is also ideal for kitchens because it can expel cooking odors and hot air, minimizing the need for fans.


  1. Reduce electricity costs

Speaking of saving money, installing a skylight is an excellent way of reducing electricity bills.

It can minimize your use of artificial light sources and is often used together with them in homes and commercial buildings to lower power costs.

You can also use it to lower air conditioning costs by installing a ventilating skylight. Anytime you feel the house is too hot, you only need to open your skylight to let in cooling air.

And if you live in a cold region, a skylight will let in as much light as possible, reducing the gloom associated with cold climates. If you pick one with a high solar heat gain coefficient, it will keep the house warmer too.

Ensure you use skylights with protective UV or low emission coatings to prevent the sun rays from damaging your property or health.


  1. Improve your health

Although we take the sun for granted since we see it almost every day, it is a vital health resource.

You may think its purpose is only to light up the world, but it does a lot for your health too.

Absorbing the sun rays triggers your body to produce Vitamin B and D, which are essential for bone health and mental functions.

It is also crucial for your emotional well-being as it triggers the body to produce serotonin and other feel-good hormones that elevate our moods.

When you install a skylight over rooms in which you spend a lot of time, such as the kitchen and living room area, you will absorb its powerful sun rays, while improving your immunity.

And since as we get older, we require more light to see, a skylight is an excellent addition in a home with old people.


  1. Increase value

Everyone loves a well-lit home. Houses with skylights are more appealing to buyers than those without because they stream lots of natural light into a space. They are especially popular in predominantly cold areas.

In homes with limited airflow, such as attic and basement studio apartments, skylights improve circulation making them attractive options for renters.

And since sunlight boosts productivity and moods, offices with skylights attract more leasers and buyers.

Therefore, if your home is located in a place with few windows or obstructions, such as tall buildings, installing a skylight will increase the property’s value.


  1. Aesthetic appeal

A skylight can improve your living space by bringing in an interesting view of the sky day or night.

Imagine gazing at the stars at night or the bright sky during the day from the comfort of your living room or bedroom; isn’t that beautiful?

If you install a skylight over your garden or pool, it will enhance that space and any decor items you have, such as sculptures.

You may also install several skylights all over the home to make it spacious. For example, cluttered entranceways and dark closets will benefit from a few tubular skylights.


Factors to remember when installing a skylight

These are six reasons for installing a skylight.  Are you ready to install one?  If you are, remember the following factors as you make your decision.

  1. Avoid DIY

Although you’ll find many tutorials online on installing a skylight,  putting it up yourself is not a good idea.

It involves cutting open your roof and requires precision. If you do not follow tutorial instructions to the letter, you may end up with a malfunctioning skylight.

Most DIY skylight installations end up causing roof damage. And if that happens to you, it may void your roofing warranty and cost you a lot in repair costs.

Therefore hire an expert roofer to install your skylight for you and avoid doing it yourself.


  1. Save on costs

Skylights are not necessarily cheap to install. But they are a long-term investment that will increase your house value and reduce energy costs while giving you pleasure.

Therefore, they are worth putting up, but you can find ways to reduce your installation costs.

Therefore, they are worth putting up, but you can find ways to reduce your installation costs, like using tax credits and rebates.


  1. Consider ease of use

When installing your skylight, consider including additions that will enhance your experience when using it. Some great examples are;

  • Blinds, shades, or covers for your skylight to prevent heat loss, especially if you live in a predominantly cold area.
  • A skylight thermostat to open and close your skylight while regulating room temperature.
  • Rain or wind sensors that will prompt the skylight to open or close when it gets too windy or starts to rain


  1. Think of functionality

Skylights are exposed to the elements, which may lead to damages if unchecked. It’s best to install a skylight that can withstand these conditions. Therefore choose skylight with;

  • Impact-resistant glazing such as double or triple-paned tempered glass
  • Excellent weatherproofing and flashing options
  • UV protection or reflective film to filter out harmful sun rays.
  • Sound reduction materials such as fiberglass insulation and acoustic seals
  • A warranty that guarantees it does not break down easily


Last word

When you consider these factors, you are bound to install an excellent skylight that will last a long time and enjoy its benefits. And we hope you will remember our advice on factors to consider when installing a skylight.

However, if you remember nothing else, keep in mind that the contractor you choose to install your skylight matters.

Therefore, if you decide to put up a skylight, pick a certified and experienced roofing expert for the job.



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