Majestic Glass listens carefully as you describe your needs from a mirror. Be it a frameless, framed, semi-frameless, cut to size or custom made mirror, we reflect back and give you the range of options available.

We have unparalleled experience in designing and installing any type of mirrors across Newcastle. Both commercial and residential clients rely on us since we deliver mirrors that meet all specifications.

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modern dresser mirror

Creativity That Reflects Your Needs

Traditionally, mirrors are mounted on a wall and are fitted in a frame. This practice is still common in most homes and business premises. However, contemporary interior designs demand more than that.

Today, modern manufacturing techniques and materials have brought new possibilities in the world of mirrors. You can now integrate mirrors into your furniture. They can also be recessed into the design of a building only if you have the ideal expertise and advice, and this is why we are here for you.

Transforming a Mirror into an Interior Design Tool

Some homeowners just want a single mirror in their home while others want a mirror in every room or angle. No matter the need for installing a mirror, be it for accentuating a certain design element, checking your look, or opening up a space, everyone appreciates mirrors with signature designs. Our experts will appreciate to listen to your ideas and imaginations about a unique mirror, and we will make it a reality,

We make all mirrors using the finest materials you would find in Newcastle. Giving us an opportunity to customize mirrors is what makes our experts wake up in the morning. Just share your mirror ideas with us and our team will turn your mirror imagination into a reality.

You can get frameless, storage, and semi-frameless mirrors from our company. Contact us now for the best custom mirrors and mirror installation services.

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