The interior design world presents multiple ways of decorating an office, a hallway, bedroom, restaurant, a home, or any living space. One of the most commonly used interior techniques for decorations involves use of the popular Venetian wall mirrors.

Although these wall mirrors enhance the interior design of a room, it somehow appears that their power of improving a room is extremely overlooked and often gets underestimated.

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venetian mirror

Generally, wall mirrors and in specific a Venetian mirror acts as a unique furniture item that beautifies a room to a great extent, even more that you would imagine.

However, for the mirror to achieve this goal, it should present the right appeal to your family and guests. It should be placed properly and located in a place from where it will give an appealing impression. For example, if the wall in a room is not decorated, or the room appears empty and dull, then it will be great installing a Venetian glass wall mirror at the center of such a wall.

It will transform the overall look from a dull and plain wall to an appealing wall. You can also place the mirror over an antique dresser on the wall for a better look. Just use all your interior design imaginations and see the transformation the wall will receive. Such a mirror would never look the same without a dresser beneath it. There are other pieces of furniture you can place properly besides a dresser to complement a mirror.

You may also try a more detailed interior design idea but ensure the idea will be easy to understand and appeal guests. If you choose to place the mirror on a dresser beneath it as described herein, then you should ensure that you take precise measurements of the mirror such that the two pieces of furniture will blend nicely.

Ensure that the mirror’s width is about two thirds the width of your dresser. Taking the precise measurements will ensure that the dresser and the mirror have a matching look to enhance the wall and the overall look of the room. If you fail to take measurements, the two furniture items might fail to match and not achieve their aim of decorating the space.

Whenever you have plans of decorating your office or home using any interior design technique, always make a Venetian mirror a top priority. Such a decorative mirror will give you better results that will surely appeal your family or guests. For more information, contact Majestic Glass today! We supply and install mirrors all around Sydney, Australia.

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