A mirror offers both functionality and attractiveness in almost any room. Whether you want a custom mirror to use in your vanity or just a decorative mirror for hanging in your living or dining room, our company is right here to serve you with the best craftsmanship and expert services.

We have been customizing mirrors for business and home use for over a decade. If you reside around Penrith, then we will be ready to assist you. Call us today to get more information about the available options of custom made mirrors.

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mirrors wall in bathroom

There is no need to install ordinary mirrors in your commercial space or home. If you desire to add more visual interest in a space, then settle for custom solutions for your mirror. You can trust our company to offer mirrors for a:

  • Closet door
  • Vanity
  • Dining room
  • Bar
  • Bathroom
  • Studio
  • Gym
  • Decorative accent
  • And any other space


Our team ensures that you get a mirror with the exact measurements you want no matter the type of the mirror you choose. We also install mirrors properly and securely. We will assist you in getting the right kind of mirror you want to use in transforming any working or living space from a dull to a spectacular space.

We are always committed to quality workmanship. Hire our services and your commercial or residential space will get the results it deserves. If you are shopping for new mirrors to install in your business premise or at home, then we are the pros you should contact.


Customized Mirror Edging

Our company offers different options for edging mirrors to meet all your needs. If you visit us for custom made mirrors, you will have the chance to choose from seamed, beveled, or penciled edges.

We have professional glass specialists who will ensure that you get what you order to enhance your business or home. If you are confused about the best edging option to go for, our technicians will assist you in choosing the best option to meet your needs.

We are a fully insured, bonded, and licensed company. You can always count on us to get flawless custom mirrors and superior services. Call us today for more information on why we are the leaders and book an appointment with us for any custom mirror services.

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