In most cases, your home reflects your personality. Mirrors are a great way of enlarging a space. They also add light and balance to your home. A mirror will double as a great piece of artwork and as an item that adds interior décor.

It also creates an epic and elegant atmosphere in a space. You can also go for custom cut mirrors that add more depth to a living space. Majestic Glass is the best dealer in high quality and custom mirrors in Alexandria.

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Unique Finish and Style

It’s crucial to be aware that customized mirrors can be found in different thickness ranging from as small as an eighth inch to a quarter inch thick. The mirror may also come with an antique or clear finish.

When selecting the finish, it’s crucial to consider your chosen mirror in the context of the room. You can get stunning results if you mix soft and hard elements or modern and vintage pieces. Never shy away from experimenting. Always make sure that your home is unique.

Custom Mirror Shapes and Sizes

You can also find mirrors that are custom cut to fit the size you desire. Your space might be unique. May be your closet has a sliding door running across a window and you want to fit it with a decorative mirror.

A customized mirror will be the ideal solution since it will serve such unique needs. A custom mirror will be designed to create a good impact and appeal in your space.

You may also consider a custom frame for your mirror to allow it take any theme such as a romantic or art deco theme. You can get more information from us by making a simple call.

Mirror Are An Important Part of Interior Design

Mirrors have always been appreciated as an essential decoration tool by interior designers. If your desire is transforming your space without applying new paints to your walls or purchasing new furniture, then custom mirrors will work wonders.

Maybe your bedroom is small in size but you want to make it more open and feel larger. You can use a long wall mirror to create an illusion of a bigger room. A mirror will also bring balance in a room and promote freshness, cleanliness, and openness.

If you place a mirror strategically, it will make a huge difference. For instance, if you have a small bedroom and a window on the wall, then you can place a mirror across the wall with the window to make the room feel larger. This will also add some extra light through reflection.

Majestic Glass is one of the top companies for supplying and installing custom mirrors in Sydney.

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