Crows Nest Window Glass Replacement

Majestic Glass is an experienced and established glass window repair and replacement company based in Crows Nest.

The company specializes in all kinds of door and window repairs and glass replacement. Majestic Glass serves all of Sydney and has plans to expand to other areas very soon.


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Emergency Residential & Commercial Glass Window Repairs in Crows Nest

With 20 years of experience in the glass industry, you will rest assured of getting top quality replacement/repair solutions, all done within the shortest time possible.We offer 24×7 services and have a 1 hour emergency response time.

Whether you need simple door repairs, window repairs or glass replacement, we are fully equipped to serve you with top quality services and materials at an affordable price. We serve both commercial and residential properties.

Majestic Glass offers replacement products ranging from single-pane windows to custom glass, insulated glass, sunny room, skylights and more.

Insulated Glass Supply & Installation

We focus on offering top quality insulated glass panes that are filled with safe Argon gas for maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

We only deal with top grade glass made of tempered or annealed glass, combined with high performance coatings in compliance with all window regulations for residential and commercial buildings. Our company is fully equipped to handle all projects involving glass of all shapes and sizes.

Tempered Glass

Typically, tempered glass boasts as a specialty type of glass, designed to reduce chances of shattering into dangerous shards when broken. It’s ideal for spaces where glass is prone to damage that may cause injury.

There are two varieties of tempered glass. One variety is laminated glass. This is where two glass panes are attached together using a thin vinyl layer. The layer keeps glass pieces from spurting in case it breaks.

The other variety is tempered glass. This variety is heated and then cooled rapidly to make it stronger than regular glass. If broken, the fragments break into granular pieces that are less dangerous.

Single-Pane Glass

Majestic Glass offers full replacement services for single-pane windows. We also deal with other types of glazing services including double glazed windows.

Customized Replacement of Broken Glass Windows in Crows Nest

Our company also deals in all kinds of custom windows for any size and shape you may desire. Custom windows look attractive, eye-catching and elegant. They enhance the character and style of the room they are installed.

Replacing custom sized and shaped glass is best done by professionals who will assure you of doing the task in a timely, neat and precise manner.

Our team of experts is experienced in making precise sketches of the shape you want to make sure that you will get a window that will fit in the existing window frame. We follow all insulation parameters for maximum energy efficiency.

We also offer high quality single-pane and insulated glass components including Low-E, tinted, and clear glass. Contact us today through 1800-452-946 for all your glass replacement needs throughout Crows Nest.

Our glazing services include:

  • Window repair

  • Glass repair

  • Repair or install new screens

  • Mirrors

  • New patio screens

  • New doors and windows

  • Residential and commercial glazing

  • Casement operators

  • Awning operators

  • Repairing cloudy glass

  • Casement hinges

  • Pivot bars

  • Balancers

  • Tilt latches

  • Sweep latches and many more window repair services.

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