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Your house speaks volumes about who you are. Make your home an inviting oasis by transforming your unused wall space and turning it into a stunning entranceway in your home.

This is perfect for people who love to entertain frequently. Majestic Glass can maximize the complete width of your door opening, making your home larger and brighter all without the cost and stress of major renovations.

Many door designs have fixed panels which can block stop the flow between your indoor and outdoor areas. Our bifold doors stack the panels one on top of the other, totally out of the way, opening fully.

Our doors are able to be configured however you like. You can choose double or single side stacking and decide whether you would like 2, 3 or 4 panels. We will make your door to measure and we provide professionally accredited installation. We work all over the Sydney area to provide free quotes as each installation will vary in requirements.

They are quite commonly known as concertina, accordion or folding doors. All of this terminology is correct, so you can choose what you want to call them.


Transform Your Home

We will completely transform your home and living space. The use of high quality materials and precise mechanisms you will give your home a new lease on life and open up your home to a luxury lifestyle.


Perfect Design

Hinged fixings will create a clean profile due to the lack of visible screws. Choose black or silver locks, hinges and handles. All this will show your personality and work with the décor of your property.

Ease of Cleaning

The architecture used for our doors includes an outdoor tracking system, making cleaning quick and easy.


Need a Larger Size

Our doors can be made to suit a range of openings do to our maximum height of 3100mm and a maximum width of 8000mm. The options are endless when it comes to being creative and when you couple this with our professional installation service you will have complete peace of mind.

Hardy Components and Lifetime Materials

Because of the high quality materials that we use to make our locks, you can rest assured that your will have strong windows and doors for years to come.

Refined and Unique Manufacturing Process

Your doors are made to order at the Majestic Glass factory in Sydney, where, for the last 25 years we have been refining our unique production process.


Your windows and doors can have that personal touch added. Majestic Glass will make sure that you find a colour that suits you and your home. If there is a particular colour that you would like, then we can provide you with a custom colour.

Configuration Choices Just For You

A wide range of configurations which work to your space requirements are available from Majestic Glass. You can decide which configuration you prefer. You can combine the door to work with other moving or fixed panels or choose two folding door panels. These will give you a wider thoroughfare and let more sunshine into your property.

Expertly Installed

With Majestic Glass, you can choose out of a supply and install or supply only service. If you already have a builder who is professional and you like working with them, or if you are competent with door and window installations, then supply only is for you.

To be absolutely sure that our windows and doors are durable, weatherproof and take whatever the elements throw at them, they must be installed by a qualified professional. If you want the work done by a qualified and professional licensed builder and everything from manufacture to delivery to installation and a complete clean up on completion done for you, supply and install is what you need.

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