The Advantages of Installing Glass Balustrades in Sydney

You can install a glass balustrade system in Sydney for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Besides being attractive, they’re packed with other numerous benefits. Let’s discuss their advantages.

glass balustrade installed for a staircase

What is a Glass Balustrading System?

A glass balustrading system comprises of glass panels and stainless steel accessories that are used as a form of safety fencing or barrier. The glass panels may be fully frameless, fully framed, or semi-frameless.

You can choose between different glass panels such as safety glass, tempered glass, or structural glass. The glass is also available in different designs such as opaque, curved, solid, and textured.

Areas You Can Install Glass Balustrades

The versatility of glass balustrades makes them ideal for use in most areas of a home. You can use them anywhere else you’d use a railing system or traditional balustrades. You can use glass balustrading systems in areas such as:

  1. Pool fencing: One of the areas where these balustrades shine is using them to fence the pool area. They offer a secure and safe barrier around the pool. Besides, they comply with all relevant Australian regulations. Thus, your kids and pets will be safe as they won’t access the pool without your supervision. Also, they don’t compromise on views. You’ll enjoy the beauty of your pool area from anywhere in the garden or home.
  2. Balconies: Glass panels offer an excellent and safe barrier around a balcony. You can install them regardless of the size of your balcony. That way, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted views from your balcony and make the space feel more open and larger.
  3. Staircases: Glass balustrading looks brilliant when installed along the staircases. It gives the staircase the impression of a floating structure. Safety can be added by installing railing on the glass panels. You can install balustrades on both exterior and interior staircases.

What Makes Glass Balustrades A Top Choice in Sydney?

Balustrades made of glass panels are great for several reasons. Among these reasons, their uninterrupted views make them extremely popular. Since they’re transparent, they won’t affect your views.

This is especially important for homeowners who like enjoying outdoor views of areas such as the garden, pool, entertainment area, and the mountains, forests, or beaches beyond.

They’re incredibly versatility in terms of design, fixing and framing options, and different textures and colors. You can install them in both contemporary and modern homes and any other styles.

Besides being attractive, glass balustrade systems offer a high level of safety. They’re made of thick, toughened safety glass.

The glass is quite hard to break. If it breaks, it doesn’t break into shards but small harmless pieces of glass.

Their durability and safety make them a great barrier for use in areas where kids may be unsafe to hang around without your supervision, such as the balcony and pool area. Besides, they withstand any environmental conditions.

Another reason that makes them popular is their ease of maintenance. They’re also durable. The installation hardware that holds the glass in place is made of rust-resistant materials such as high-grade aluminium and stainless steel. You only need to wipe or clean the glass occasionally with a glass cleaner or mild detergent.

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