Mistakes That Can Make Your Pool Non-Compliant

It takes a lot of effort to own and maintain a pool. Besides keeping it attractive, you need to ensure it’s safe for your family, especially for children. Also, your swimming pool needs to comply with various pool standards and regulations in Sydney.

glass pool fence compliance

Unfortunately, some mistakes can happen and make your pool non-compliant. If your pool is found to be non-compliant, you may end up paying hefty penalties. Here’re the mistakes that can lead to pool non-compliance.

  1. Faulty pool gates

Pool fencing acts as a barrier to prevent children from accessing the pool without adult supervision. However, children may access the pool if the gate has defects. For instance, a faulty release mechanism or a malfunctioning self-closing system can make the gate faulty. As a result, children will find it easy to open the gate by themselves.

Pool gates are an important component of a pool fence. They have to meet certain safety standards to keep children away from the pool area. The gate and latch should always close themselves after opening the gate.

  1. Incorrect pool fencing height

Some swimming pool owners and inexperienced pool fence installers may not know the recommended height of a pool fence.

In Sydney, pool glass fencing shouldn’t have a gap exceeding 100mm between the ground and the bottom of the fence. The fence should have a height of at least 1.8 meters. Such a height may be too high for children to climb over the fence.

  1. Obstructed or unreadable CPR sign

Sometimes, the CPR sign may not be mounted on a location where it’s visible for guardians or parents. Also, some CPR signs might be unreadable. Consequently, it may become challenging to perform CPR during an emergency.

It’s important to execute CPR techniques properly. That’s why it helps to have a readable and unobstructed CPR sign on the pool fencing. You should be able to read it from as far as 3 meters away.

  1. There’re objects within the non-climbable zone

A pool fence works as a barrier that restricts kids from accessing the pool without the supervision of an adult. However, the barrier won’t be effective if there’re climbable objects close to it.

Objects such as potted plants, barbecue grill, toys, chairs, ladders, and tree branches among others shouldn’t be anywhere close to the pool fencing since kids can use them to climb over.

You should maintain a non-climbable zone of at least 90cm from the entire pool fencing by ensuring there’re no climbable objects within that zone.

  1. The pool isn’t inspected

If you’re not aware of all the applicable pool safety regulations, then you might assume that it’s not necessary to have your pool inspected.

Some swimming pool owners may be aware of the required regulations but fail to do pool inspection due to the associated inspection costs.

However, it’s a necessity for a pool to be inspected. Pool inspection can be conducted by a certified private inspector or a local council inspector.

Pool inspection is done to ensure your pool meets all the required pool fencing regulations. By having your pool inspected, you’ll save yourself from unexpected issues such as drowning and other pool accidents. Also, you’ll avoid paying hefty non-compliance penalties.

  1. Failure to have your pool registered

Most people overlook pool registration. However, your pool needs to be registered by the local authorities. During registration, you’ll be educated about pool safety. Also, the process of pool registration will ensure your pool fencing complies with the necessary safety standards.

As a Sydney resident, you can register your swimming pool online or visit the local council. There’s a small fee you’ll pay for pool registration. Failure to have your pool registered may attract a hefty fine.


As a pool owner in Sydney, ensure you comply with all pool standards and regulations. By so doing, you’ll avoid the aforementioned mistakes.

In case there’re any mistakes, take necessary action soonest possible before an accident happens. Also, if your pool is non-compliant, you may pay hefty penalties. Thus, it’s very important to ensure your pool is inspected.

If you’re planning to have your pool inspected and certified, consider hiring a reputable pool inspection contractor in Sydney such as Majestic Glass. At Majestic Glass, we’ll inspect your pool and repair any faults to ensure it is fully compliant with all the pool regulations in Sydney.

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