How to Maintain your Glass Balustrades in Sydney

A glass balustrading system comprises of several glass panels separating an area or making up a fence or barrier.

They’re popularly used as building features due to their clear views. They allow light into an area, thereby brightening the space. They also offer a modern and clean look.

At Majestic Glass, we fabricate and supply glass balustrades in Sydney. Our balustrades are ideal for a wide range of applications including pool fencing, staircase barriers, balcony barriers, and more.

glass balustrades with stainless steel rail

It’s important to maintain glass balustrade systems. Regular maintenance assists in increasing their lifespan and maintaining their elegant look.

Although the glass panels used to make balustrades are made of thick toughened safety glass and installed with stainless steel hardware, it’s important to keep them properly maintained to avoid costly repairs.

All maintenance practices for balustrades are quite simple to implement. Read on for glass balustrade maintenance tips.

  1. Occasional cleaning

You can keep the glass looking new and glistening by cleaning it regularly. Use a mild detergent, soft microfiber cloth, and warm water to clean the glass.

Glass balustrades leave a design statement wherever they’re installed. Keeping them clean will allow light into the enclosed space and make it look spectacular.

Regular cleaning will avoid soiled-looking panels and hardware. It’ll also make it easier to remove foreign substances and dirt.

  1. Inspect the balustrades for any cracks, chips, or damage

While stainless steel hardware and glass panels are tough, they may develop cracks, chips, or damage. In case the panels are showing signs of damage such as hair-line cracking, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance to prevent the cracks from widening and spreading.

If the problem is major, the panel may require replacement. Unattended cracks may be hazardous in case the glass shatters.

Damaged or chipped stainless steel hardware may be rough and unsafe for anyone to touch with bare hands. Also, exposed hardware parts may corrode.

  1. Check whether all the parts are functioning properly

Some glass balustrades have door panels and hatches. Check the components occasionally to ensure they’re fully functional. That way, the balustrades will serve their purpose.

  1. Avoid placing heavy items near the panels

Unstable or heavy items placed near the glass can fall and damage it. Although the glass panels are toughened, the inserts used are fragile. They can shatter or break when subjected to unbearable weight or impact. Thus, keep the balustrade area clear to enjoy unobstructed views and protect the glass from damage.

  1. Take care of children and pets near the balustrade

You should take good care of your children and pets whenever they’re near the balustrades. Ensure your pets don’t lean against the panels or jump over.

Children shouldn’t sit on the glass panels, play near the panels, or climb over to avoid injuries or damaging the balustrade system.

  1. Check the structural stability

It’s important to regularly check the structural stability of your glass balustrade. If installed the right way, the post footings should be firm and sturdy.

In case you notice that the panels are wobbling, probably due to underground movement, old age, or any other reason, have the balustrade assessed immediately by a professional.

At Majestic Glass, we supply all the materials, tools, and equipment required to install glass balustrades. We stock toughened glass and top-quality stainless steel hardware for setting up balustrades.

We can supply all the parts required to complete a glass balustrade project. Also, our balustrade products are long-lasting for your convenience.

We craft our products to suit a wide range of applications. To add to that, we can customize the balustrades depending on your specifications.

We only supply premium-quality glass products and stainless steel components for both commercial and residential applications. If you’re looking for glass balustrade products, call us today through 1800 452 946.


How will I clean the glass?

Use warm water, a soft fiber cloth, and a mild detergent or glass cleaner to clean the glass. Rinse the balustrade to leave it sparkling clean without any detergent residue.

Is the glass strong enough?

The glass used comes in a thickness of 10 or 12 mm or more. The glass panels are extremely strong. They’re made of tempered glass..

Are glass balustrades safe?

Glass balustrades are safe as the glass panels are made of toughened safety glass. Besides, the stainless steel accessories used to install the balustrades are weather-resistant.

As a result, they won’t malfunction or collapse as long as it’s installed properly. Maintain the glass balustrade system regularly to prolong its life.

What’s the cost of installing glass balustrades?

The overall cost will depend on the design, the kind of glass required, accessories, the number of panels required, and whether you’ll do it yourself or hire a professional installer among other factors.

However, it’s advisable to have it installed by a professional to ensure it complies with all local regulations and standards.

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